Retail investors finally have a direct platform for investing in cryptocurrency investment funds

(April 1st, 2019) In a major coup for the future of decentralized crypto investing, PANTHEON X is developing a blockchain-based financial services platform that connects retail investors with professional fund managers. Until now, retail investors have been left to fend for themselves in the volatile and challenging environment posed by the cryptocurrency market.

In the traditional finance industry, retail investors have many investment products to choose from, ranging from mutual funds to ETFs and everywhere in between. However, legacy retail investment products are sorely lacking in accessibility as the platforms which provide them are constituted by high barriers to entry and even higher fees brought on by a lack of competition amongst managers.


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The cryptocurrency market, in contrast, is entirely lacking in investment products, creating a sink or swim environment in which retail investors must handle their own investment decisions without knowledge or expertise. But, unlike traditional financial products, cryptocurrency is primed to bring fund investment to everyone, regardless of purchasing power or geographic location, owing to the peer-to-peer power of blockchain.

PANTHEON X exists at the crossroads between traditional finance’s product options and cryptocurrency’s decentralized availability to retail investors. By synthesizing the best of both worlds, PANTHEON X finds itself uniquely positioned to offer a financial platform unlike any that has come before it.

PANTHEON X Enables Tomorrow’s Investments

Cryptocurrency trading may seem restricted to the digital assets on’s top 100, but that is a short-term view soon to be disrupted. The reason for that is simple – blockchain is revolutionizing the way we acquire, store, and transact all assets, including physical ones.

What that means for retail investors is that in the very near future, it won’t only be BTC, ETH, and XRP in a digital asset ETF – it’ll be tokenized real estate holdings, equity-bearing securities, and other traditional assets brought onto the blockchain.

PANTHEON X is providing a gateway for retail investors like yourself to have direct access to the next significant global flow of capital in a trusted environment managed by professional fund managers. Using PANTHEON X’s Cryptofund Marketplace, you can shop between different cryptofund manager profiles and portfolios that are complete with rankings, reviews, and performance metrics.

Choosing a fund manager with a strong performance record and an exceptional history of profitably maintaining assets under management is simple. Merely browse through the marketplace and let PANTHEON X’s ironclad blockchain guarantee the security of your cryptofund investment.

Fact-checking fund manager claims and metrics have always been problematic in traditional finance as evidenced by the myriad frauds and crimes committed by managers over the years. PANTHEON X makes such scenarios an impossibility by recording manager performance on a publicly auditable blockchain so that every angle of a manager’s history is transparent, honest, and clear.

For fund managers themselves, PANTHEON X represents a critical step forward in getting equal footing against the giants of the investment world. Most fund managers have no choice but to work for well-known funds because their individual name recognition can’t compete with that of a major organization. PANTHEON X levels the playing field by connecting independent, talented, and professional managers directly with clients on a trusted blockchain network.

PANTHEON X takes the peer-to-peer enabling structure of blockchain a step further on its platform with the addition of Knowledge Network, an internal social network where investors can share intelligence, content, breaking news, and consult experts. The Knowledge Network creates an unbeatable base from which investors can gather the latest and greatest in crypto market information and share winning strategies.

A third component of the PANTHEON X platform comes in the form of Pantheon Intelligence, an artificial intelligence mechanism that aggregates the entire network’s data to form accurate judgments, enforce compliance, detect fraud, and act as an arbiter between platform participants. PANTHEON X stores relevant user data so that the AI can make conclusions that may serve as the basis for future investment decisions.


PANTHEON X runs on a dual token system to benefit different aspects of the platform effectively. The public token that will trade on major exchanges is XPN, while the internal token is XPW.

XPN is the ecosystem’s central token and is needed by fund managers seeking to create crypto funds. XPW, on the other hand, is a platform-only token that is used as internal currency when purchasing or being compensated for Knowledge Network content, ad space, and more.


PANTHEON X knows crypto – and, as such, has decided that the moment for introducing an IEO is now.

As an active investor, you’ve no doubt come across the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) format. It’s a highly secure form of crypto-fundraising that takes the mystery away from investing in blockchain startups. Instead of wondering whether or not the project you’re investing in will receive an exchange listing, an IEO guarantees an exchange listing at the time of the offering.

PANTHEON X has partnered with globally recognized crypto exchange ICDM. At this early stage in the IEO world, ICDM has already successfully launched seven IEOs to worldwide retail investor audiences.


At the helm of the PANTHEON X project is an incredibly capable array of team members that collectively have decades of experience in venture capital, investment banking, structured finance, FinTech, and, and software development.

PantheonX Team

CEO Steve Hong has previously served at Samsung Asset Management while CFO Alex Cho has worked with securities firms ranging from Hyundai to Hanwha. With strong credentials in the right areas, PANTHEON X knows precisely how to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

To learn more about the PANTHEON X project and participate in the IEO at ICDM Exchange, please visit:

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