Parsiq Launches TRACKR to Provide Real-Time Security Messages About Your Wallets

TRACKR gets you alerted of a hacking attempt or unauthorized outgoing transactions from your addresses.
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As DeFi adoption is growing exponentially on a global basis, of course hacking abilities and unauthorized activity has also become a concerning threat to security in the crypto universe.

PARSIQ is taking the lead again offering users and traders’ a next-level security in Decentralized Finance. Parsiq presents TRACKR, a new tool developed to specifically address the major security concerns in the market.

TRACKR by PARSIQ Provides Real-Time Alerts on Wallet Hacks And Fund Transfers

TRACKR is a new service focused on providing real-time alerts to its users related to hacking attempts or other unauthorized movements concerning their wallets. It is a necessary step forward to secure crypto operations, granting its users a sound prevention measure to avoid unwanted activity from unfolding.

During the last years, reality unfortunately proved the urgent need within the DeFi space of enhanced security tools and alert solutions. TRACKR is not only launched to provide this service but also provides tools to undertake countermeasures to prevent unauthorized activity from ever happening.

TRACKR is developed to crucially detect malicious activity in its early stage, preventing hackers from unfolding their plans.

Basically TRACKR users will receive updates and alerts whenever a suspicious activity intends to take place even before the blockchain platform validates the transaction.

Keep Your Tokens Safe

The TRACKR solution can track activity on multi-chain networks across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Dash, Algorand, Huobi Eco Chain, Celo, Solana, and Polkadot. Moreover, TRACKR can even trace activity over webhooks and APIs.

TRACKR becomes the natural tool of choice in the cryptocurrency universe since it is a development by the renowned on-chain data monitoring PARSIQ platform.

The new TRACKR tool is suitable to prevent funds loss, by detecting and blocking any unauthorized activity, hacking attempts or other vulnerabilities for either individual users or crypto trading companies with hundreds of addresses.

TRACKR is a DeFi security and monitoring solution offering two crucial levels of safety:

Proactive Monitoring: any unauthorized activity related to the user’s wallet is immediately notified in real-time through the monitor channels previously determined by the User (includes Telegram).

Retroactive Tracking: if an unauthorized funds transfer or hack occurs, the User is granted access to the monitor tool that keeps track of all the transactions path across different wallets; until arriving at the centralized wallet recipient of the hacked funds.

Tom Tirman, CEO at PARSIQ explains in his own words what TRACKR’s launch implies to cryptocurrency traders:

“Security is a cornerstone of PARSIQ’s expertise. We’ve consulted for companies affected by security breaches and hacks across CoinMetro and KuCoin. TRACKR combines our security experience with PARSIQ’s smart trigger functionality providing our clients and users with security monitoring services in real time at a scale previously unseen in the space. The team is ready to help build bespoke monitoring solutions. The entire installation process will take less than an hour. TRACKR is ready to be customized to the requirements of our clients, no matter the scale.”

Those crypto investors and asset traders willing to secure their crypto assets against malware can start protecting their investments by soliciting the expert counseling of Simon Harmgardt at Parsiq’s TRACKR website here.

Interested users will be contacted in return to coordinate an online meeting to discuss the user’s profile to come up with a customized solution.

Learn More About PARSIQ

PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform connecting on-chain and off-chain applications in real-time, providing transaction notifications for end-users.

The PARSIQ platform allows users to connect blockchain activity with off-chain devices through mobile apps, to primarily monitor DeFi applications in a safe manner. by building custom event triggers and power real-time automation.

To learn more about PARSIQ, please click right here.

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