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The Phoenix Project With a Revolutionary Financial Algorithm: Collects $0.5 million in 2 Weeks

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The Phoenix project with a revolutionary financial algorithm based on a blockchain has collected $0.5 million in two weeks since the launch.

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Cryptocurrencies are now at the peak of popularity for the investors, it is hardly possible to find a similar asset which will potentially make such a big profit. However, at the same time trade in cryptocurrencies, in particular, on exchanges, is inevitably connected with certain risks. Firstly, the high volatility of their courses which is generally connected with the fact that the most part of cryptocurrencies besides speculation is provided with nothing. Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchange can unexpectedly cease to work, fraud or hacking of a crypto-wallet can take place, the private key will be lost or forgotten, a system error will occur or the miner-virus threat will come up.

Cryptocurrencies trade is accompanied by a high risk of the capital loss. Cryptocurrencies itself are not a reliable asset, and it is worth making own investments in them only in case the investor is ready to lose the invested funds. However, is there a certain financial algorithm which is able to consider the possible risks connected with cryptocurrency investments including the risk of volatility? All this becomes possible due to blockchain technology and the Ethereum smart contract which the Phoenix project has used as a base realizing a similar revolutionary financial algorithm which allows receiving the maximum return on investment with the minimum risk from investing in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency investments with a financial algorithm from Phoenix

It should be noted that Phoenix differs from many other crypto – projects which come to ICO to raise funds from investors for the realization of any idea, promising potential income after the ICO termination and entry into the exchanges only after a while. Moreover, if the project’s token is provided with nothing, then investors should wait for a long time to get the benefit. In Phoenix, the income from investments is guaranteed to the participant on the next round after the capital investment (at the moment, the project is in the state of a 3rd round of investment).

Phoenix offers to its users a decentralized transparent financial algorithm based on blockchain technology. According to the Whitepaper, it is a special mathematical algorithm with the help of which Phoenix users will be able to raise the crypto assets in a couple of days with the minimum risks. It seems that it sounds too hopefully, however, this really becomes possible. Phoenix uses an Ethereum smart contract unchangeable fragment of a code which works independently and allows to reduce any potential risks and to activate the unique financial algorithm developed within the project.

The Phoenix algorithm gives you an opportunity to receive a constant income. It becomes possible due to daily joining of new users. After the user becomes a part of Phoenix community, successfully finishing the first round (the following round after the capital investment was made), his preliminary payment is increased greatly, and he is in. Right after it, on Ethereum wallet the user receives regular payments which begin to come at the end of each round. The financial algorithm will constantly accumulate means of the investor on each successfully complete round. All subsequent user benefits will be higher, than previous, and will be sent on a regular basis.

How does Phoenix work?

Phoenix works on the system of rounds. The entrance to the smart contract is free and it also does not present any commissions. We will assume that you have decided to participate in the 5th round and to make investments. Other participants have also made a transfer to the smart contract this round. This will be happening until the round ends. To the 8th round, the participants who have joined Phoenix in the 5th round will be able to increase the initial transactions by 4 times. To visually see how this mechanism works, follow the pictures and the chart:

Each round lasts before achievement of a definite goal. So, the target sum for the first round is 100 ETH. The target sum for each subsequent round is the doubled sum of the previous round plus the sum paid under the contract for the entire period. Rounds can last up to 365 days or before achievement of the target sum. Investors can always watch the balance of the contract of each round to understand how much funds are needed and to invite new members for the round to be successfully closed. If the target sum hasn’t been reached in 365 days, the participants who have made investments in a not closed round receive the payment they made back, and those who have invested in the previous rounds don’t. Thus, the main risk for early investors is an open round. However, the fact that the project in 2 weeks since launch has already reached 3 rounds and attracted about $500 thousand, and its first participants have received an enhancement of invested funds on the ETH wallets, demonstrates that the project and its algorithm really work.

Openness and transparency of Phoenix project

The quantity of the funds incoming to Phoenix and sent to its participants can be checked easily. The code of the smart contract is open, its balance and the list of transactions are in the public register. In this regard, any future member of Phoenix before joining, will be able to easily estimate the quantity of collected ETH, and the quantity which isn’t enough to achieve the target sum. Also, it is possible to trace how often different people place their deposits.

The address of the Phoenix smart contract is posted on the official website of the project. The open history of transactions causes trust. To join the project and to become its participant is possible in a couple of minutes. The fast-growing Phoenix community will allow each subsequent investor to become a part of the large-scale project and to successfully achieve the financial objectives. The earlier the investor enters this community, the quicker he receives the return on investment. To learn more about the project and to join it is possible via official website of Phoenix where a Whitepaper is also presented.


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