Introducing PikcioChain ICO: Secure Blockchain-Based Exchange for Personal Data

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PikcioChain is an exchange for your personal data right on the blockchain, ensuring security as well as transparency. PikcioChain is also compliant and distributed, a data ecosystem that makes it simple to collect, certify, and then exchange personal data.

Pikcio Chain ICO

Who Owns and Develops Pikcio?

The network behind Pikcio is the work of MatchUpBox, a company responsible for both owning and developing it. MatchUpBox was founded by Fabien Bucamp, Didier Collin de Casaubon, and Jorick Lartigau. Collin de Casaubon is the CEO and has a postgrad in philosophy, a master’s in mathematics, and an MBA. He has been an entrepreneur in the software industry and has more than 15 years of experience in banking.

The Team

Bucamp works as the CTO and is in charge of managing and monitoring hardware and software development. In the past, he has been the French Department of Defense’s team manager for network security. Lartigau is in charge of the research division, working to provide new features. With his Ph.D. in computer science, he is a specialist in big data algorithms and data security.

Alizon Konig works on development, coding the engine for MatchUpBox. Gonzague Grandval oversees strategy following a post-grad diploma at Sorbonne in economics. He specializes in the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The chief sales officer is Jean-Francois Lienart, who has years of experience selling IT services and solutions within the Benelux market, with a specialty in finding then implementing new tech to help large organizations grow. Another co-founder, Cherie Arruda, MBA, is in charge of planning and audits following 26 years of working at a large American bank. Finally, Delphine Benat-Rassat oversees operations and has a master’s in business management.

Why Should Users Opt for PikcioChain?

PikcioChain was developed specifically with the current “Know Your Customer” ( KYC ) systems in mind. This ensures that it works seamlessly with existing systems, letting you plug certified data directly into the KYC system. Pikcio will format and get the information ready for your KYC system, providing seamless use.


Pikcio is also completely compliant with GDPR. You will never have any worries about permissions with Pikcio, either, as users remain in control of data at all times. Because of PikcioCoin, users will have incentives to maintain their data. Pikcio also makes it possible for service providers to deliver onboarding that is not only faster but more secure, as well. This not only gives the service providers peace of mind and efficiency, it also improves the user experience of its clients.

What Are the PikcioChain Gateways?

There are two gateways for PikcioChain, depending on the type of user. PikcioPro is for companies that want to use or offer services (such as advertisements, commercial offers, and data portability) based on data certifications and permissions of customers. It is essentially a portal for the Pikcio marketplace for exchanging, buying, or selling certified data.

Meanwhile, PikcioMe is designed for the individual end users. This platform allows users to safely communicate with third parties and share data. PikcioMe also allows individuals to retrieve data from web services and various sources. They are also able to earn PKC tokens by certifying or selling their data.

How Can You Use PikcioMe?

PikcioMe is easy to access via one of several applications. Using the platform, you can manage your personal data, exchange or manage files, access your agenda, access the wallet for Pikcio tokens, view news from contacts, chat with the other users, and send or receive peer-to-peer emails. In the near future, users will be able to manage their passwords and work on a peer-to-peer video chat.

What Does It Cost to Use PikcioChain?

PikcioMe is completely free to use in the form of the various applications. You can use it without any charge to exchange files, chat, or for other personal tasks. Some other functions do require PKCs, the platform’s token. Others allow users to earn PKCs, balancing out the cost.

While PikcioMe is free for users, companies do pay to use PikcioPro services, such as certification. They also pay to manage the private blockchains addressing the business’s specific needs.

How Does PikcioMe Provide Security?

There are no security concerns with PikcioMe, as every transaction is encrypted end to end. To make it even better, the encryption key is always generated with the user’s device from the PikcioMe application, as opposed to on one of the MatchUpBox servers. Because of this, only you as the user can decrypt your data and communications.

What Should You Know About PKC?

PKCs are the tokens behind PikcioChain, and they are currently in their presale. The presale will end Thursday, Dec. 7. PikcioCoin provides value for your personal data, while giving users incentives to ensure their data records are up to date. In this way, the system always contains the latest data with the utmost accuracy. There are also certain functions that are only accessible via the tokens.

ICO Details

The Initial Coin Offering will begin in December, and there are bonuses for earlier contributors. Each Bitcoin contribution (1 XBT) gives the user an allocation of 6,000 PKC. They also get a time-dependent bonus depending on when they contributed to the ICO. The first three days of the sale, this bonus is 25 percent. Days four to six, it goes to 20 percent. It then drops to 15 percent for days seven to nine. Those who contribute on days 10 to 12 get a 10 percent bonus, and those contributing on days 13 or 14 get a 5 percent bonus.

PKC will start appearing on exchanges in February 2018, so if you miss out on the ICO or presale, there will still be a chance to invest in this cryptocurrency after a brief wait.



PikcioChain is a convenient way to take advantage of the blockchain while exchanging information. With this platform, individual users and companies alike benefit. Thanks to the use of the blockchain, Pikcio is incredibly secure and transparent, allaying fears.

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