Pixelmon Controversy: In-Game Art Quality Comes Under Fire

Pixelmon Controversy: In-Game Art Quality Comes Under Fire
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The Pixelmon development team has revealed the latest in-game art for the title, which is set to be “the first AAA quality game of the NFT space.” The game turned out to be disappointing according to some. 

Pixelmon NFT is a project that just made a major splash when it raised more than $70 million in capital in February 2022.

Despite the instability in the cryptocurrency and NFT markets – a number of coins have dropped in price in recent weeks – Pixelmon NFT continues to entice the community to invest with the anticipation of massive achievements on OpenSea.

The Market for Games is Growing

Pixelmon NFT is a Play-to-Earn game/NFT project inspired by the classic game Pokemon that uses Pokémon-like pet gameplay and 8-game graphics similar to Minecraft to attract a huge number of supporters.

Holders of NFTs in the game will be able to acquire airdrops of in-game land, project tokens, and other in-game goodies.

NFT can also be staked by players to obtain additional revenue. As a result, Pixelmon’s NFT sale garnered a great deal of attention.

On February 26, the team began selling interesting NFTs in the game, with the NFT mint price starting at 3 ETH.

The project successfully raised approximately $70 million, with 10,000 NFTs sold in the last round. And the scandal began when buyers started opening the NFTs, showing the creatures within.

Unlike stunning visuals in commercials, the project has become a Twitter laughingstock after releasing a series of artworks with sloppy, and exceedingly poor design.

Some Complaints are Emerging

There are NFTs that are not even visible, have been horizontally rotated, or are completely invisible.

A Pixelmon owner reported on Twitter that his Pixelmon had hatched and appeared on the grass with a zombie-like face. Another purchaser reported that he just received the grass background and not a Pixelmon beast.

Shortly after the controversy, Pixelmon’s founder Syber apologized and accepted the criticism, admitting that the team had made a terrible mistake by accelerating the NFT sale while the visuals remained unavailable.

He stated that the team will attempt to provide a better version in the near future.

However, contrary to Pixelmon’s original claim that they built their own NFT, numerous Twitter users revealed after thorough examination that the project was in reality purchasing other people’s designs for merely a few thousand USD and incorporating them into their platform.

The NFT’s display problem could be caused by a clash between the design and Pixelmon’s website. It’s important to note that Pixelmon was well aware of the problem, but refused to find a solution and instead hosted the sale.

In response to the community’s claims, Syber affirmed,

“Both malbers animations and meshtint studios and a few other modeling groups were hired to create models for Pixelmon. None were stolen. We used unique models they created and we paid for them like you would with any model. Their assets from unity are not used in our NFTs.”

NFT is expected to create a new digital economy in which people can earn more money from anywhere and progress towards a truly integrated society in the virtual universe known as the “Metaverse.”

However, with the outrageous example of Pixelmon, many people began to believe that the project would cause the NFT bubble to burst. The NFT gaming sector is getting increasingly bearish.

No Clear Way Forward

NFT ecosystem has been bringing people joy both mentally and physically during the time of pandemic and continues to grow.

It is helping to solve long-standing practical problems in the world of game, art and music.

Rumor has it that the digital asset will go down over time but NFT has proven it’s here to stay.

Along with the growth of NFTs, Metaverse, a comprehensive virtual universe applying augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and NFTs, has not only received attention but also great investments from artists, celebrities, entrepreneurs and large corporations around the world.

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