POKKET Review: A Savings Account for Your Crypto Assets

POKKET is savings account for for people who want to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. Here's our review.
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POKKET is savings account for for people who want to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. Cryptocurrency and digital tokens provide a great way to diversify away from the fiat currency system, but making a risk-free return with decentralized assets is still a new challenge.

While cryptos do have many of the aspects of fiat currency, they don’t generally offer interest without some extra work. This is one of the areas that makes POKKET a very powerful new platform.

POKKET is a deposit platform that functions with cryptocurrency and gives token holders a way to make money on their tokens without speculation. The global interest rate situation isn’t great for fixed-income investors, and it is very difficult to find assets that create decent yields.

Providing people a way to earn interest to their crypto assets is a big step in the maturity of cryptos as an asset class. Created in 2018 and officially kicked off in mid-2019, POKKET has gained momentum as a platform that helps people create fixed-income crypto investments.

What is POKKET?

POKKET has a team of financial professionals that make its goals a reality. Its team has solid performers from the financial industry, as well as software and information technology professionals that work on its platform.

Some of the biggest corporations in the US, such as Citigroup, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, and GE, also have relationships with POKKET. In terms of human resources and industry connections, POKKET is a great company with lots to offer.

What Pokket Offers
What Pokket Offers

With the development of crypto-specific financial instruments, POKKET’s operations are capable of giving investors a chance to obtain good interest rates, which is nearly impossible to find in most other markets.

POKKET sets its interest rates every day at 07:00 UTC in the morning, so investors know exactly what they will receive. Until now, the platform’s rates have varied from a low of 0.5% and a peak of 250%, the average figure is 30%.

In a world where most trusted government bonds are at or below 1%, being able to gain a 30% interest rate is nothing short of amazing. POKKET makes it simple to put your cryptos to work, without taking on risky speculative positions.

Create an Account

So, how to get into investing with POKKET?

  • An email address is everything you need to get started with POKKET.
  • Once you have finished the email registration process, you can transfer your crypto-assets into your virtual wallet, create a fixed-term deposit and wait for the profit on your POKKET’s investment to go straight to your digital pocket.
  • Things get simpler as you can manage your POKKET account with no need to enter your name or any KYC process, and it’s completely free to create a fixed savings balance with POKKET.
  • In terms of withdrawal payments, POKKET doesn’t add any extra fee for withdrawal, so you will just have to pay whatever costs the blockchain imposes on your transaction.

POKKET: How Does it Work?

Structured financial products are market-linked investment instruments created to make it possible to create returns from instruments that generally don’t bear interest.

As cryptocurrency drives toward mass adoption, the demand for structured financial products will likely increase. Understanding that need, POKKET aims to bring them to the crypto world, and also create a way for investors to hedge positions, or any other advanced financial transaction.

Investors on the platform have various options to pick from right from the start. POKKET offers you a list of more than 30 popular cryptocurrencies and you need to select one of them for every deposit.

Some of the returns on offer
Some of the returns on offer

Over a fixed period of 7 days, you will obtain interest from POKKET on the digital assets you invest. At a certain time each day, the interest rate is shown along with the fixed savings you deposited. Whenever the fixed savings rise, collateral will be secured at 110% of your token value.

POKKET will use the market to create returns, and determine your savings and interest in the original token, or in TUSD (TrueUSD is a stablecoin, created on the Trust Token platform that enables you to convert 1 TUSD into 1 USD).

There are 2 outcomes from a deposit with POKKET:

  • The token’s market price is equal to 110%: you get the initial token and gain profit from your saved token.
  • The token’s market price is above 110%: you get the same outcome as the first one and also add 10% in TUSD.

The total amount of TUSD funding generally allocated in your fixed deposit can be seen in your account under the heading “Fixed Deposits.” An audit can be done at any time you want with no transaction risk.

POKKET Security

Security is among the biggest concerns when it comes to digital assets.

The world has witnessed the rapid innovation of science and technology as well as its application in finance and economics. Payment by e-wallet is being implemented worldwide, especially in developed countries.

POKKET’s primary mission is to ensure the safety of its customers and their digital assets.

  • The company uses a cold wallet, which is among the most secure ways to store cryptocurrency, for the vast majority of its holdings.
  • Additionally, POKKET does not require that you store any personal information on its servers, aside from an email address. This ensures that in the case of a server breach by hackers, there is little data there for the bad actors to steal.
  • Cold wallets (also called Hardware wallets) will keep all the private keys offline. In the most serious cases of system failure, hackers have no chance to attack your assets since there’s never enough private keys available.
  • Furthermore, a cold wallet is also equipped with multi-layer production which offers support for different passwords. You do not need to worry because all potential risks are under control and the team is willing to solve any problems arising, at least to the best ability of the industry.
  • POKKET cold wallet technology comes with two private keys offline and at multiple locations, nearly guaranteeing asset protection and at least one backup in serious situations.
  • When you create a fixed deposit, your money is pledged by POKKET and the collateral is stored offline to avoid being stolen. POKKET will store 110% of customer money plus interest, so customer assets and earnings are safe from market fluctuations.

Does POKKET Make Sense for You?

POKKET has an innovative business model that addresses one of the biggest issues for crypto investors: a lack of risk-free return. While the business that POKKET has created isn’t risk-free, it is very close to providing the crypto equivalent of a money market fund, or bond fund.

The returns that POKKET will create do vary and are based on market conditions. Investors won’t be able to count on a known interest rate over the span of years, but the relatively high level of interest that the platform pays makes up for how much it bounces around.

POKKET is a very interesting platform that makes interest payments possible over a range of crypto assets and doesn’t require loads of KYC nonsense to get started. It also takes security seriously, which is great to see. If you want to learn more about the platform or sign up for an account, just click right here.

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