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Quantum and AI-based Algorithmic Fund: Qubit Tech

QubitTech is a quantitative hedge fund represented by a group of seasoned professionals in the asset management field
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QubitTech is a quantitative hedge fund represented by a group of seasoned professionals in the asset management field with over a decade of experience in both traditional and digital assets markets.

QubitTech is a company inspired by the cutting edge technology. QubitTech believes that the technology of blockchain will be the next big thing after internet mass adoption, and cryptocurrency will become way bigger than just a speculative asset.

As of today, cryptocurrency market allows QubitTech to generate profit unmatched by the operations on traditional markets through application of smart algorithmic trading systems, next level of data analysis and quantum technologies, whereas high volatility of cryptocurrency market works for company’s advantage.

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The Developers

The top management of QubitTech is an all-star team led by the CEO Greg Limon : co-founder and shareholder of the Toronto-based DigiMax Global, which helps companies from all over the world to effectively conduct STOs. Greg conducted two successful IPOs, participated in numerous venture projects (Over 2 billion USD fundraised). Greg’s outstanding sense for the market’s needs, creative and fluid strategic planning allowed to personally fundraise over 300 million USD to successfully kick-off numerous startups that now thrive in the global businesses arena.

Froystein Bakke who is in position of Chief of Sales Department at QubitTech has more than 20 years experience as a senior broker in the Oslo market with leading houses such as Pareto, SEB Enskilda and Warren AS. He also worked as a freight broker at P&O Nedlloyd, Hamburg. Froystein is an expert adviser in recommendations on individual shares on Oslo Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. Froystein has the experience of fundraising over 2 billion USD through successful implementation of MLM go-to-market strategies.

QubitTech is proud to have Allan Ablang taking the role of CTO – Outstanding Chief Technology Officer and Senior Information Technology Manager, with extensive experience in program management, software development, project management and design.

Examination of project management in the field of software development, information systems, telecommunications, customer service, finance and production environment.

Allan has the background of working for such companies as Microsoft, numerous technological companies in Singapore and Malaysia, was a leading developer on the team that created and developed Systems for Canadian Embassy in the Philippines..

Future Steps

QubitTech future plans have a strong focus on the quickly approaching era of quantum computers, company studies the nuances of post-quantum cryptography and the impacts that quantum computing can have on the industry of blockchain and digital assets.

QubitTech roadmap includes the development of quantum-resistant blockchain that will serve as a backbone for the broadest variety of services leveraging off blockchain technology advantages, yet able to withstand any threat that the mass adoption of quantum computing may bring.


QubitTech already uses the advantages of quantum technologies, gaining serious advantage over the competition by starting a mutually beneficial partnership with Toridion,  founded by Per Lind and Scot Foreshaw. QubitTech trading algorithms were the first one to adopt Toridion’s innovative quantum neural networks (TQNNs), that are a powerful alternative to traditional neural networks (NN) that use the principles of quantum superposition, entanglement and quantum information theory to deliver a new kind of machine learning system that can often directly replace and in some cases perform certain tasks that the classical counterpart cannot.

Such implementation allowed to truly step up the ability of QubitTech trading robots to react and adapt to the market, learn the patterns and adjust strategies on-the-go, making a big step closer towards creating of what we think of as artificial intelligence.

QubitTech development strategy implies the creation of quantum business accelerator, helping the companies and startups that study and work with quantum computing find real use cases for their know-hows, by helping building the awareness through its rapidly growing community and funding the development process of the most promising ideas.


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