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RaidoFinance – Making Crypto Investments Smarter

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The modern world of money capital is an unlimited digital space, where you can invest your funds, buy any products, make payments anonymously and in a fraction of seconds using smart contracts.

Blockchain advantages are clear to everyone, but problems have already appeared in the process of use: high transaction speed generates high commission costs; when user is making an anonymous payment, he cannot legally spend a currency and is forced to look for ways to confirm its legality.


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All these imperfections are a risk that «Must be minimized». The ecosystem develops and finds solutions. Fintech company «Raido Finance» is aimed solving these problems:

  • The company is registered in Europe and has several licenses, thanks to which the company’s clients can obtain all the necessary documents to confirm income. This means: the legal status of the purchased cryptocurrency; protection of personal capital and the ability to confirm the origin of funds;
  • For legalization, as well as to improve convenience, the company provides customers with a bridge between cryptocurrency and classic currencies. The «Stablecoin Bridge» platform uses stable cryptocurrencies and reduces the market risk to almost zero, while the client continues to remain in digital space. By providing each token with real currency, the digital asset acts as a unique means of payment, while at the same time avoiding bank red tape;
  • The company uses its own RF utility token using the ECR20 protocol (blockchain ether) to reduce commissions. By paying for transactions using RF Token on the Raido Finance platform, the client receives a 50% discount on the trade commission. The second advantage that is interesting for an investor is the presence of a deflationary model. All tokens received on account of the commission are sent for subsequent incineration, thereby constantly reducing the total emission and thus increasing the value of each individual token. In the future Raido Finance plans to introduce new services and thereby expand the possibility of using RF token, thus increasing demand.

Raido Finance is a company focused on meeting the client’s need for legalization, the possibility of lowering commissions and the use of digital assets in everyday life. In particular, the commission reduction service HAS NO ANALOGUES and will definitely attract your attention.


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