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Recodify Education with Self Sell

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Education is regarded as pioneer of growth of any individual. But things do not turn out well when the creator becomes the destroyer. The current education system is not focused on imparting value skills and traits but on gaining profits. Traditionally established as non-profit organisations, today’s educational institutions are no less than luxury resorts. Well gaining better standards are obviously a welcome step but it should not be the reason of diversion from the actual aim of education.

Self Sell

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Other drawback which is plaguing the system is the establishment of narrow prerogatives. We are not open to new ways, methods, views etc. and try to re- establish what is given in the textbooks. This hinders individual’s creativity and innovative instincts at early stages creating a drop in growth of any economy. Much of modern growth theory puts human capital at centre-stage and human capital development is the trigger of growth for any economy.

Education leads to Human Capital Development but given the agendas of various institutions today; it is taking the side role. On the other side, Blockchain Technology is constantly emerging. It is making progress every day and providing new virtues to various life processes. SelfSell, a talent acquisition platform based on blockchain technology has made an attempt to recodify the educational system today without losing upon interests of any stakeholder.

To understand this, let’s take a hypothetical situation. A particular student feels he is amazing at some art, here, for instance, she can beautiful crafts. In future she has the potential to become one of the best decorators in the world. But given the current education system, she will merely get any opportunity to enhance her skills before going for higher studies. However, on SelfSell, she can start working towards her dream at the current stage. She can list herself on SelfSell and demonstrate her talent, if the community feels, she has that spark in her to become the world’s best decorator, she can get as much funds as she wants to generate or even more than that. Using these funds she can go for professional training and can pave the way for her real passion.

Not just this, investors generate profit out of it. They get returns on the value which will be created by her. Therefore, this system gives something to everybody whether the investor or the investee. Since there are no collaterals involved, the risk of failure reduces. Also, as long as the investee is working, she can easily shift from one process to another if she feels that the former is not turning out well.

“Education is the passport to the future, for future belongs to those who prepare of it today.” And SelfSell is giving you that passport assuming that you will be successful in future. It is new era of development where we are moving towards a highly skilled society and if somebody gets the opportunity to learn specialisations at early stages, he/she definitely have edge over others.

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