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Redefining Cryptocurrency Trade, The Raido Financial Way

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Raido Financial is a global fintech platform that aims to transform the way cryptocurrencies are being traded. For this, it plans to share various tools with all its partners irrespective of their skill sets in blockchain technology. According to various market sources, the market capitalization of all the crypto-currencies has jumped nearly 20 times from 2016 to 2018. Cryptocurrency is not merely restricted for making payment, investors have been increasingly taking part in digital trading activities as well. According to statistics, approximately 40% of all the players in this industry are engaged in trading and this number is set to increase in the next few years. The new entrants need expert advice and this gap is being filled by Raido Financial.


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Essential Features of the Platform

Latest Technology and Efficiency

The Raido platform uses the latest technology available in the market to offer comprehensive trading services. It is also very efficient when it comes to processing several transactions per second. Moreover, the platform is compatible with the latest protocols like FIXAPI, WebSockets, Rest, etc.

High-quality and Fast Processing

As the crypto-technology industry grows further, there would be a demand for very high processing speeds because thousands of transactions would be taking place every second. The Raido platform is geared for this challenge. It is capable of handling multiple enquiries and their allocation by geo-tagging. The engineers of this platform use machine learning and complex algorithms to understand user behaviour and provide effective solutions.

Various Token Integration

The Raido platform enables integration of all kinds of tokens such as Walton Tether, Binance, etc., with the other exchanges globally. This platform uses liquidity aggregators to handle large traded volumes of tokens.

Anonymous and Secure Operations

Now make payments, receive money and trade on this platform with the help of the multicurrency wallet options of Raido Financial. Users remain anonymous and their location is never revealed to hackers. The payment process of this platform is integrated with other popular payment gateways, credit cards and other payment options. There is a two-step encryption involved in this platform, and all the users are given private keys. The engineers of Raido Financial have used modern cryptography to make this platform safe and secure.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

Presently the platform is working on getting legal approvals from relevant authorities to ensure optimum operations across the globe.

Low Commission Fees

Unlike the other exchanges, trading commission fees on Raido Financial are very low and dynamic in nature. Therefore, allows investors to efficient participate in trading activities

The Essential MVP Products

Raido Financial has developed 2 MVP products – Raido Exchange and Raido Wallet.

Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange

Raido Exchange is a unique feature built by the platform experts to render robust and reliable technology solutions to its users. The exchange offers efficient functionalities including – automatic purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, use of a multifunctional API of over 50 cryptocurrency tools, trading of CFD contracts, universal technical analysis tools, aggregation and distribution of liquidity, an integrated AI trading module, and data encryption. Additionally, Raido Exchange provides an opportunity to list ICO tokens, rank, and vote, at any stage of the token sale.

Multicurrency Raido Wallet

The Raido Wallet system is incorporated with various services for acquiring cryptocurrencies and fiat, and money transfer.  Within Raido Wallet functionality the users no longer have to depend on a third party and can directly withdraw and transfer funds. Multicurrency wallet is available on both desktop and mobile versions and efficiently works on all major device and operating systems.

Token Sale

The Raido Financial pre-token sale will take place on 15th November 2018. It would last for 30 days. The main token sale will start on 15th January 2019 and will conclude the same day.  The minimum number of tokens one can buy is 50. Users having fiat currencies can participate in the token sale. Fiat money is currency that has no intrinsic value but has been recognized by the government as a legal tender.

Making Cryptocurrency Trade More Efficient and Accessible

Raido Financial is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to help new traders flourish the market. This platform saw it inception on February 19, 2018 and revolutionized the entire crypto-trading ecosystem. Raido adheres to all the relevant legal compliances in the countries that it is present in. Moreover,  all the users of this platform are protected by modern cryptography, so that their identities and location are protected.

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