Press Release Introduces Ready Player One-Style Questlines That Span Through Multiple Games and Platforms

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Today, announced that its rewards platform will feature cross-game questlines, called “Multiverse Quests”, that span through a network of interlinked games, similar to “the Oasis” in Ready Player One, a 2018 blockbuster movie that grossed half a billion dollars.

The Network will also enable game item interoperability, making it possible for players to use their virtual inventory in multiple games and platforms.


“We plan to take the concept of perpetual gameplay to the furthest extreme, by developing quests and game items that travel through a vast expanse of gaming universes, spilling out into websites and social media,” said Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of “We also intend to offer ways for the 2 billion gamers out there to receive tangible value from their in-game pursuits, by playing games and receiving rewards that can improve their lives.”

The company is releasing a product called Builder, a tool that businesses will use to create their own Platforms that can feature interoperable rewards and questlines. Each Platform can be tailored to suit any brand, acting as a hub where users can log in to manage their cross-platform rewards, inventory, and quests.’s data can be natively integrated into any game, website, online store, app, and social network through’s SDK (Software Development Kit). This allows and its clients to create perpetual experiences that span across the entire internet. SDK (REST API)

 In their announcement, states that the items created on their platform can also be added to the Ethereum blockchain with the push of a single button. clients will fill out some basic information, click an “Add to blockchain” button, and pay a nominal fee to place their rewards on the blockchain.

The concept of game item interoperability was originally pioneered by Enjin, a social gaming network and blockchain development company. Enjin’s network of games, called “the Multiverse”, connects over 30 different games and already has live examples of items that players can take from game to game.



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