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Reewardio is Giving Away $11,940 Worth of Tokenized Software Licenses

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Reewardio announced the launch of its Early Adopter Program, inviting brands and businesses to use their platform to create blockchain-powered rewards and loyalty programs. Interestingly, the team also announced that they would be tokenizing the software licenses for their platform, enabling users to pay for their SaaS subscription in advance, deposit and withdraw their subscription as tokens, and effectively resell their remaining credit.

Because the tokens are on Ethereum, they are independent of Reewardio’s system. Which means they can be distributed prior to the launch of the SaaS platform. This has created a unique marketing opportunity, which the start-up is using to launch a viral giveaway, offering the tokenized software license as the main prize. This creates an interesting new use case for blockchain technology because the tokens aren’t built to replace existing subscription models, it is simply designed to enhance it.

“In the past, utility tokens have created insurmountable barriers to entry into the blockchain space. If you create an app and tell your non-technical friends and family that they mus go buy your cryptocurrency from an exchange to use it, they will be absolutely bemused, which is why we are flipping the UX flow,” said Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of Reewardio. “Our users can sign up with us the same way they sign up with any other subscription-based SaaS service. The only difference is, if they choose to pay for their subscription in advance and then decide they no longer need it, they won’t be stuck with it. They can withdraw their remaining credit as a token at any time and give it to someone else.”

The Reewardio team is utilizing a blockchain development platform called Enjin to mint the tokens and integrate them into their software. Their rewards and loyalty system also adopts Enjin and Ethereum to bring more tradability and interoperability to digital rewards. With Reewardio, businesses will be able to offer their customers blockchain rewards that can be managed through their Enjin Wallet and traded peer to peer. Furthermore, users’ wallets can be linked with multiple websites, apps, and games, enabling businesses to create vertically integrated ecosystems where participants can use their rewards in many different ways.

Blockchain rewards have proven to be very effective for Kriptomat, Europe’s government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange. With the help of Reewardio’s technology, Kriptomat increased its monthly revenue by 1700% over a 6 month period, prompting them to partner with a blockchain incubator called Parallel Planes to develop the Reewardio platform. Reewardio is now available to any businesses that want to adopt blockchain. The Reewardio team is offering to customize the platform and help integrate it into any website or online store.

About Reewardio:

Reewardio is a SaaS loyalty platform that enables traditional businesses to adopt blockchain for rewards and loyalty. The Reewardio system offers an out-of-the-box solution where customers can earn points, play games, win resources, craft prizes, and receive discounts, providing a fun and engaging experience with viral marketing benefits. All points, resources, prizes, and discounts created with Reewardio are on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by Enjin Coin. That means the rewards can be stored and managed via the Enjin Wallet, browsed and viewed in EnjinX, and bought and sold via the Enjin Marketplace.


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