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REL Token to be Listed on LAToken

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Imagine a scenario where the limitless possibilities of the blockchain technology is combined with the massive potential of SNS and e-commerce, and what you get is something magical indeed. Welcome ‘Release’.

Release has recently announced that REL Token will be listed on LAToken on 20th November. LAToken is a blockchain platform and protocol which is leveraged to trade asset tokens.

Release Project

Please Note: This is a Press Release

LAToken’s popularity is accelerating at a breakneck pace focusing primarily on liquidity for new tokens. A few of its salient features comprise over 70,000 registered users, around 180 crypto pairs for trading, and more than 32mn USD turnover on a regular basis.

Release is a ‘Social Commerce’ platform that amalgamates e-commerce and SNS with the tremendous underlying foundation of the blockchain technology. With the unique concept of ‘Worthy information and reliable valuation’, Release is a platform that creates a win-win situation for all the participants. Some of the salient features of the platform that makes it one of its kind include

  • Next generation social media merger with e-commerce thus creating the futuristic domain of ‘Social Commerce’.
  • REL token that can be accumulated as points by both information contributors as well as evaluators and that which can be also used to exchange with other virtual currencies.
  • Worthy information and evaluation that makes the platform special with information contributions that are not just unique but of optimum quality.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based search algorithm for precise and optimum search results.
  • Accumulation and analysis of huge amount of data done effortlessly through the Big Data
  • Blockchain based platform offers matchless security and reliability with transparent transactions.

Based on ERC20 standard, a total of 100 Billion tokens are being issued. 50% are being offered towards ICO, 20% to development team & advisors, 20% to community & strategy, 10% towards bonus.

In a bid to help people buy the REL token, LAToken has extended the support to Release. LAToken enables cryptoholders to diversify their respective portfolio by bridging the gap between tokens and real assets like oil, real estate, gold, etc.

Release makes itself one of the top destination for investment with assured high returns. Release is not just another blockchain based platform but a one that is a revolution in itself.


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    Hi, I want to convert all the assets in my account to USD or Toman. My assets are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Thank you for the time it takes. Also, if I need to give me a phone number or make an online chat, it’s just Farsi, please. I am waiting for your answer . Thanks

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