REMME has the goal of making passwords obsolete, instead giving users next-generation access protection. REMME builds a distributed Public Key Infrastructure Protocol (PKI) to resolve issues related to access management. It also includes a set of dApps on top of this protocol. Users generate specific SSL/TLS certificates for their devices instead of relying on passwords. The relevant certificate data gets managed via the blockchain, so hackers find it extremely difficult to use a fake certificate.


Why Are Traditional Passwords Problematic?

The team at REMME recognizes numerous issues with traditional passwords, pointing directly at the fact that most security breaches occur due to a human weakness of some sort. Sometimes, people choose a password that is simple to guess. Other times, they may accidentally leave a browser open when using a public computer. Or perhaps they write their passwords down somewhere, either physically or digitally, which then becomes compromised. Some people are even tricked into disclosing their login information. None of these issues will occur with REMME technology since passwords become obsolete.

What Types of Cyberattacks Does REMME Protect Against?

Because of the nature of the platform, REMME automatically prevents a long list of cyberattacks. Considering that Forbes estimates cybercrime will cost $2 trillion by the year 2019, this is a serious concern. In addition to the use of SSL/TLS certificates instead of passwords, REMME adds other instruments that protect businesses and individuals from various cyberattacks. These include password reuse attacks, password breaches, keylogging, server breaches, bucket brigades, brute force attacks, and phishing.

What Are Some Use Cases for REMME?

REMME has applications for a range of companies, including blockchain companies, infrastructure businesses, med-tech, financial companies, and the Internet of Things. For critical infrastructures, such as a nuclear power station, REMME provides automatic security for those who provide the infrastructure, a group that typically does not have its own security skills.

REMME Use Cases

For an Internet of Things use case, look at smart cars and the problem of car hacking. Because the current login and password architecture doesn’t work with device-to-device communications, automotive companies have to use more primitive technology, which carries a risk of hacking. REMME can step in and deliver a protected channel that allows for securing onboard systems and providing an internet connection. Med-tech companies can benefit from REMME’s functionality as a cost-effective and secure authentication method compared to high-cost current systems.

How Does REMME Make Use of the Blockchain?

REMME uses the blockchain to store the SSL/TLS certificates, eliminating the risk of hacks. Centralized databases are always at risk since all the data stored there only has one access point, making it vulnerable to attacks. Distributed databases, like the decentralized blockchain, are much safer by storing the information in multiple spots.


There is also no need to rely on a certificate center since the blockchain acts as a certification authority. This provides savings and independence for companies that use REMME. Additionally, because REMME uses the blockchain, companies can choose to use one of the many sidechains and blockchains that works for them. With REMME and the blockchain, users control their identity. The private key is your secret and remains on your computer. Your private key signs also can work as a public key for any service or website.

Is REMME Easy to Use?

The team at REMME took efforts to ensure that the platform is simple to use. Authentication is secure and only a click away, without having to remember any complicated passwords. Even the registration process is simple, as your personal information goes onto the blockchain instantly. You don’t have to pay extra to accelerate the process or wait for another block; it is instant all the time.

User Experience

To make REMME even easier to use, users get to choose the messenger app they prefer to receive the authentication token on, instead of having to worry about traditional text messages or OTP codes. There is even the option to register an unlimited quantity of accounts and have numerous SSL certificates. Just choose the account you want to use during login. Integrating REMME is also straightforward, not requiring special training or skills.

What Is the Alpha Version of REMME?

REMME’s Alpha 0.1.0 version of the Core Protocol was released within 10 days of completing the token sale. The alpha project’s release is the result of extensive research over a significant amount of time. Before finalizing the alpha version, the team at REMME explored how to develop a balanced economic model for the REM token. They also investigated the ideal platform to implement the side chain.

The team decided that the best route was creating a custom blockchain as the platform’s core. REMME has Hyperledger Sawtooth as its foundation, selecting this blockchain due to it being the most relevant for the REMME product requirements. This is already the third version of the REMME Core product. The original closed Beta version utilized the Emercoin blockchain in early 2016 with the second version working on the Bitcoin blockchain. The goal with the latest version was providing potential customers constant prices, compliance with the state-of-the-art standards, and high throughput.

The alpha release shows the foundation of the REMME protocol. It includes the high-level logic and architecture necessary to work with SSL/TLS certificates, which the REMME team developed. It also has the basic components of the token economy already integrated. The team also incorporated a command-line interface to make it easy to access the platform’s core functionality, such as transferring REM tokens from one user to another, as well as revoking and issuing certificates.

What Are REMME’s Future Plans?

The next release of the REMME Core will have a focus on inter-blockchain token migration. This feature should make using the REM token much simpler on the REMME blockchain, particularly since it was originally released using the Ethereum platform.


With everyone today using dozens if not hundreds of online accounts, a solution like REMME is able to provide easy access without worrying about remembering passwords or being at risk of hacking. REMME will prove particularly useful for any companies that want additional security. Its password-less system has the potential to be the way of the future, especially as we search for convenience and security at the same time.

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