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Resto Platform: Blockchain-Based Global Foodservice Loyalty Space

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The Resto Platform is a unique global food service loyalty space powered by blockchain technology with it’s own token. Resto Platform provides a loyalty platform, a CRM system, a wallet, and reviews aimed at restaurants and food service businesses.

Resto Token

What Problems Does Resto Aim to Solve ?

Business owners in the food service industry deal with a range of current problems that Resto Platform hopes to resolve. These include a lack of marketing experts, IT specialists, and other human resource employees to help them, plus a lack of tools for average spending increase and attracting new consumers. There is no CRM system that allows for business efficiency control, and businesses need to have a huge marketing budget just to get questionable results.

For guests, one of the issues is the vast number of loyalty cards that vary in terms of quality. Guests also have to deal with minimal perceived savings from most loyalty programs, offers that are irrelevant to their personal tastes, and a lack of review and restaurant rating systems.

From the perspective of marketing specialists, the budgets tend to be too small with the high cost of research. There is also a lack of resources for customer targeting, a lack of transparent feedback methods due to fake and paid reviews, problems developing loyalty programs, the complexity of monitoring ad campaigns, and the need for extra staff training.

How Does Resto Platform Address These Issues?

The Resto Platform directly addresses each of these problems, providing business owners with an exclusive consumer database for high-performance customer attraction, the ability to launch a loyalty program with minimal resources, the adoption of an efficient CRM system, ready-made solutions that lead to just an average increase in bills, innovative marketing tools to save on the marketing budget, and a transparent feedback service without fake reviews.


For guests, Resto Platform delivers an all-in-one app to replace the dozens of apps for various loyalty programs, cash savings via fair offers, real income by receiving tokens in exchange for actions, attractive offers that are based on their personal preferences, and actual reviews with restaurants ranked by points.

Marketing specialists get to save on their budget thanks to the high-tech approach, use innovative solutions for revolutionary targeting, enjoy a working feedback service, enjoy a seamless loyalty program design, access a developed solution to manage ad campaigns, and use handy marketing tools to decrease the need for extra staff.

Resto Platform Features

One of the key features of the Resto Platform is the Resto Loyalty Platform. This is a loyalty program based on blockchain technology and designed specifically for food service operators. The Resto Loyalty Platform is integrated with the built-in Resto CRM system, as well as all the major CRM systems.


The Resto CRM system is designed for medium to small food service businesses.

The Resto Wallet is an application for iOS and Android. It is used to access the loyalty program by guests, who can receive cashback incentives around the world. They can also use the Resto Wallet to receive bonuses, including extra Resto tokens.

Resto Reviews are an integrated service for feedback that is part of the Resto Wallet and Resto Loyalty Platform.

The biggest component of the Resto Platform is the Resto API server, which includes Resto Reviews and the Resto Loyalty Program. It is accessible by both owners and guests. Owners interact with other CRMs and the Resto CRM, both of which also interact with the Resto API Server. Guests interact directly with the Resto Wallet, which connects to the blockchain. The blockchain also connects to the Resto CRM and the Resto API server. Resto has a visual representation of these interactions on its website.

Resto Token and Token Sale

The Resto Token is an ERC-20 compliant, and there is a total emission of 1.1 billion tokens. These are distributed with 41 percent for the ICO, 5 percent for the presale, 18 percent for team and advisors, 18 percent for marketing and bonus, 9 percent for retailers and customer acquisition, 8 percent for the reserve, and 1 percent for the bounty.


During the token sale, the soft cap is 12,500 ETH, with a hard cap of 50,000 ETH. The minimum personal cap is 0.01 ETH, with no maximum personal caps. Resto accepts payments in ETH, BTC, ZEC, ETC, LTC, and BCH.

Resto Roadmap

The idea inception and development took place in Q4 2017, which is also when Resto researched the requirements of small business food service operators. It also conducted performance analysis for online and offline ad campaigns for food service.

In Q1 2018, Resto developed the project architecture, brand, and marketing infrastructure. In Q2, it created the concept design via prototype development and completed the business model development and food service market analysis. In Q3 of 2018, Resto developed the ICO project, recruited investors, and conducted the private and public presale.

Now in Q4, the ICO is taking place.

Q1 2019 will see the beta release of the RestoLP, Resto CRM, and RestoLP Marketing Pack. In Q2, Resto will integrate with the major CRM platforms in the Asia Pacific and launch its branches there. This is also when the beta release of the Resto Wall app will occur.

Q3 will include the release of the Wallet App, CRM, and Resto LP, along with onboarding of chain and retail food service outlets in the Asia Pacific. Q4 will consist of promotion and a PR campaign. By this point, 5 percent of the retail food service outlets in the top seven Asia Pacific capitals should accept the Resto Token.

The Resto roadmap includes great detail throughout 2020, divided into quarters. Highlights include integrating with the major CRM platforms in Europe in Q1, the beta release of Resto Reviews in Q2, and more than 80,000 retail food service outlets accepting the token in Q3.


Resto Token is the token behind the Resto Platform, and the token sale is currently underway. The Resto Platform will provide a range of features for small and medium businesses in food service, including simple customer loyalty programs, reviews, and a wallet, along with integrating with existing CRM systems.

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