The team behind RIALTO.AI is working on designing proprietary algorithms to be used for market making and arbitrage. They provide matching orders and liquidity to improve the market efficiency and connect various crypto-markets. Once the project goes live on the markets, they aim to earn a small fraction on each transaction to keep the project making money.

Eventually, RIALTO.AI hopes to become the biggest market maker in the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain transactions, and digital assets.

What Basic Functions Does RIALTO.AI Provide?

One of the main goals of RIALTO.AI is providing liquidity. It bridges the gap that separates supply and demand, something that can make trading cryptocurrencies more accessible to all participants within the market. It also matches orders so that traders don’t have to worry about delays before fulfillment or time wasted because of those delays. Finally, RIALTO.AI improves efficiency by reducing the gaps of liquidity between gateways and minimizing transaction time.

The Team

The executive team behind RIALTO.AI is made up of trading economists, data scientists, and signal processing experts. Leon Kocjancic is a Ph.D. researcher who designs and develops data processing algorithms found within trade execution systems. Valentin Gjorgjioski has a Ph.D. in computer science that focuses on data mining and is the leading developer as well as the founder of Grabit. Vladimir Kuzmanovski has a Ph.D. in communication and information technologies with a focus on developing internal databases featuring live market information and data mining.

Hristijan Gjoreski has a Ph.D. in computer science with a focus on time series analysis, data science, and machine learning. He designs and develops the deep learning and machine algorithms used for analysis and prediction of time series. Darko Cerepnalkoski has a Ph.D. in computer science and works on the data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications.

Vito Martin Hrzenjak is a finance specialist who connects the engineers and the markets. Uros Stoisavljevic is an expert in market synergies and political economy and oversees external communication, project, management, and business development. Finally, Patricija Jukic is a business specialist who is in charge of business development for RIALTO.AI, along with improving the internal business process efficiency.

What Are XRL Tokens?

The XRL tokens are a key part of RIALTO.AI. They prove that a supporter is a member of the RIALTO.AI Digital Asset Pool. By owning tokens, a person has rights to intellectual properties, but it doesn’t qualify as a security. There are 100 million tokens, which were distributed during the crowd sale that lasted from July 15 to Aug. 15, 2017. Seventy-five percent of the funds were reserved for the Digital Asset Pool, while the rest went to such things as software development and maintenance, legal expenses, licensing, and regulation.

Rialto will be delivering “100% of additional net value created will be distributed semi-annually through distribution of ETH via smart contract. Eligible for distribution are all RIALTO.AI (XRL) token holders on a predetermined record date.” Which means effectively, by holding the token you will receive a percentage of the profit made by the team twice a year which will be paid out in ETH.

What Makes Arbitrage from RIALTO.AI Stand Out?

The advantages of RIALTO.AI begin with arbitrage, the simultaneous sale and purchase of cryptocurrency that lets the trader profit from the differences in prices between exchanges. There is no risk related to price movement. The arbitrage algorithm is created to work 24/7 and make a few dollars anytime the price difference occurs. This includes Dollar Value, which is a trading solution for symmetric trades to maximize the value of the dollar of the fund. Crypto Max is an algorithm that does chain trades of multiple cryptocurrencies, maximizing the value of whichever fund is in the cryptocurrency.

How Is RIALTO.AI’s Market Making Different?

Between market making and arbitrage on markets that are less liquid, RIALTO.AI provides liquidity. This reduces the transaction time and earns the trader a small fraction of the currency price traded. It creates a market connecting gateways of the Ripple payment protocol, allowing RIALTO.AI to benefit upside trends and be the top market maker.

What Will the AI Tradebot Do?

RIALTO.AI is currently developing an AI Tradebot, as well, with the goal of supplementing other algorithms. This AI Tradebot will be a self-learning algorithm that can track transactions on the cryptocurrency market, preventing the need to do so manually. It will also pool addresses and use the information to create a predictive model that can recognize major market shifts before they happen.

This process will be similar to being able to spy on the transactions of million-dollar traders like Warren Buffet to see their purchases and liquidations and use that information to predict the market trends. While that is not necessarily possible with FIAT currencies, the information available for cryptocurrencies allows for this possibility. The algorithm will track everything, including bitcoin wallets, funds, and transactions during crowd sale projects.

What Is RIALTO.AI’s Long-Term Goal?

Rialto.AI aims to start trading in October 2017 and will a Weekly trading log will be streamed onto the RIALTO.AI website. The first Audited report will be available in December 2017 and the first payout of profits to token holders will be made in March 2018.

In the long term, RIALTO.AI hopes to become the largest of the arbitrage and money making funds. The company plans to reveal a pilot project in September 2018 that creates a single access point for the most reliable exchanges. This project will let RIALTO.AI test if optimal transaction structure as well as fees and platform connectivity is feasible. Those who subscribe to the test can use the beta platform at this time to conduct transactions via selected gateways. RIALTO.AI hopes that this single access point makes it possible to reach any of the cryptocurrency exchanges around the world that you need.


RIALTO.AI also hopes to examine various methods of developing a platform that lets users buy and sell any of their cryptocurrency assets. With this proposed platform, users would be able to conduct these transactions with the best current price around the world. They can see significant advantages for sellers as well as buyers thanks to the simplicity, large pool of market odors, consolidated supply, and pricing transparency.

The main long-term goal of RIALTO.AI is to create an entry single point for all cryptocurrency transactions. Essentially, RIALTO.AI wants to be for cryptocurrency transactions what Google currently is for general search queries.

Hedge Partnership

Rialto recently announced that they were chosen as the designated data provider for the Hedge Project professional crypto indices. As such, all Rialto token holders are able to claim a portion of HDG tokens during their ICO period. To participate you must create an account on the Hedge website and register your Ethereum wallet which holds your Rialto tokens.

Hedge have also put together this useful and detailed report all about Rialto, outlining the business model, risks and various price calculations.


Upon successfully becoming the largest arbitrage and market-making fund within blockchain transactions, RIALTO.AI will cover a range of gateways and exchanges in the blockchain transaction industry. With a single access point, transactional fees and structures can be optimized, benefiting everyone.

Trading is set to commence in October 2017 and they plan to distribute profits back to token holders twice a year, so by holding the XRL token you can potentially earn dividends in proportion to your holdings. In a recent Reddit AMA, the team stated that statistics will be available to monitor their performance:

The trade statistics will be accessible for registered token holders (registration will be possible in the second half of the September). This will enable monitoring of past performance and the extrapolation of data for performance predictions.

Whether Rialto will deliver results for investors remains to be seen, if they do though, expect this token to greatly increase in price over the next year.

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