Introducing Robo Advisor Coin: A Cryptocurrency Forecast Platform

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One of the latest entries in the cryptocurrency world, Robo Advisor Coin combines artificial intelligence with cryptocurrency and the blockchain. The team behind it has been working hard since 2013 to develop the most reliable and advanced technology for making forecasts on securities.

With Robo Advisor, you should be able to receive daily forecasts in addition to statistics related to cryptocurrencies and their tokens. RAC is going to be the very first provider for futures contracts on cryptocurrencies, making it a much-needed innovation in the marketplace.

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What Does the Robo Coin Advisor Roadmap Look Like?

Robo Coin Advisor began back in 2013, and the first platform release was in 2014. The team added virtual portfolios in 2015, and Robo Advisor for everyone became available in 2016. Earlier this year (2017), the team delivered a self-funded minimal viable product. Now, the ICO is about to start, giving the platform the funding it needs to deliver the reliable forecasts to users.

Who Created Robo Coin Advisor?

The CEO and founder of Robo Coin Advisor is Edoardo Narduzzi, a serial entrepreneur in the world of ICT. In the past 20 years, he has founded a dozen tech and ICT companies, creating over 2,000 jobs. He also has a background in financial journalism and experience on the board of directors for various banks, as well as technological and financial companies. Alessandro Lentini, the CTO and co-founder, is a full-stack data scientist who also has a very strong background in computer science. He is an expert in monitoring new technologies and assessing their potential.

Marco Querini is the IT advisor and is an expert in the world of computer security. He has a keen interest in financial prediction markets, decentralized infrastructure, and blockchain technologies. The CFO, Federico Narduzzi, is a financial advisor working with a European certification agency. Andrea Bianchini is the web developer and has several years of experience in both web development and front-end frameworks and technologies. Stefano Mazzarini, the software engineer, has more than seven years of experience. Other members of the team include Alessio Ciancio as the digital art director and Giuseppe Marazia as the CMO.

What Does the Platform Look Like?

Once completed and launched, the platform for Robo Advisor Coin will provide daily cryptocurrency predictions and forecasts. There will be such information as original research, reports, and in-depth analyses. The Robo Advisor engine or artificial intelligence makes predictions. Blockchain technology then verifies its integrity, accuracy, and authenticity.

Compared to other similar platforms, Robo Advisor Coin is simple and easy to use, making it friendly for those with all levels of experience. The AI allows for larger-scale forecasts that adapt, unlike the smaller-scale analyses of other programs. The platform can provide analyses and forecasts for a range of sectors, markets, securities, and countries. Investors can receive on-demand, personalized reports.

Has the Algorithm Been Tested?

Although the platform hasn’t launched yet, the algorithm behind it has an excellent track record. In fact, 80 percent of the robo-portfolio had a positive return in the first year.

Are There ICO Milestones?

During the ICO, there will be three different milestones. Up until 3,000 ETH, the ratio will be 28 RAC for every 1 ETH. This is the minimum cap. The soft cap is at 15,000 ETH. Before this point, 24 RAC will be the equivalent of 1 ETH. Finally, the hard cap is at 100,000 ETH, before which 18 RAC is 1 ETH.

How Can You Participate in the ICO?

The ICO begins on Nov. 24, 2017. There is no minimum contribution amount nor a maximum contribution amount. Those who want to contribute to the ICO can do so with MetaMask, Mist, MyEtherWallet, or Parity. Unfortunately, those in the United States and the Republic of Singapore cannot participate in the ICO.

What Else Do You Need to Know About the ICO?

The Robo Coin Advisor ICO will be very simple to participate in because it operates like other initial coin offerings. There are 4 million Robo Advisor Coin tokens. Twenty-five percent of the tokens are for a combination of the advisors, campaign, partners, ICO costs, future company financing, and team. Another 25 percent remains in reserve, allowing for additional stability in the project and a price floor. Finally, as much as 50 percent will be distributed to the contributors throughout the ICO. If any RAC tokens remain, they will stay with the Robo Advisor Coin platform.

Those who contribute to the ICO will receive their tokens as soon as they send their ETH to the smart contract address. There will not be dividends in the token system, but there is a possibility of a future voucher system. The developers expect the tokens to appear on major exchanges in two to four weeks following the completion of the ICO. Although there is no guarantee of a timeline, the team will work to have it listed as soon as possible.

How Will the Funding Be Used?

The budget for Robo Coin Advisor has already been set up in terms of general percentages. Sixty percent will go toward research and development, helping with the rollout of the solution and any adjustments that have to be made along the way. Ten percent will go to administration, such as accounting, security, and legal costs. Fifteen percent will be used for marketing, including expanding awareness and adoption of the RAC system. This allocation also includes maintenance and growth of the community worldwide. Nine percent is set aside in a reserve in case of unforeseen costs. Finally, 6 percent will go to contractors, such as third-party providers for things like marketing, PR, engineering, partnerships, affiliate programs, and growth hacking.


For those interested in expanding their portfolio by investing in cryptocurrencies, Robo Coin Advisor can be a very useful tool. It will provide highly accurate forecasts regarding futures, allowing investors to predict which investments are ideal. Based on the history of the algorithm, investors should see good results, making money over time with the platform.

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