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Robotina ICO: Decentralized IoT Platform for Saving Energy

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Robotina uses smart electricity to manage the electricity consumption of its users, saving them as much as 30 percent on their electric bills. At the same time, it helps the environment by minimizing electricity waste and reduces pressure on the grid.


The key to Robotina is the HEMS (Home Energy Management System). This is a smart device that Robotina customers receive and then install in their homes. It keeps track of the individual appliances in your home, as well as the overall energy consumption. HEMS communicates with the Robotina platform. Using a combination of energy price data, weather forecasts, and AI technology, it optimizes your consumption of electricity.

Because Robotina has a smart grid platform, it also allows for group buying, aggregated data sales, smart brokers, power trading, crowd financing, and a new marketplace.

What Exactly Does Robotina Do?

Robotina has multiple functions on with its IoT platform. It uses multiple technologies to reduce your energy consumption, which, in turn, lowers your electricity costs. At the same time, it monitors consumption data in real-time, optimizing the full electricity grid. Users can track their real-time data and actually see the benefits of Robotina.


The platform also manages your devices, collecting and processing the data anonymously to maximize efficiency. You can choose to keep your data completely private or sell it and make a profit.

How Does Robotina Save Users Money?

The most obvious way that Robotina saves you money is by lowering your energy consumption and thereby reducing your regular electricity bills. It can specifically turn off devices when they are not in use and turn them on when it will be the most affordable to do so. For further savings, you can trade any power that you do not use, sell your aggregated data, collaborate for group buying, and take advantage of crowd financing.

How it Works

How Is Robotina’s ICO Different from Others?

Even with so many ICOs taking place every day, Robotina manages to be unique. It already has a product that is functional and has been used on a larger scale. Very few ICOs have a functional product, and even fewer have already tested it to this extent. Team members also have numerous past and current partnerships under their belts, including with major companies, like Panasonic and Hitachi. To top it all off, Robotina’s team is made up of experts in their various fields, making it uniquely placed to get all the necessary insights and excel.


Other similar companies that use the blockchain technology for power are Power Ledger and We Power, but Robotina has significant advantages over both. These include having its own smart grid with a research and development team, using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, already having a product in place, owning capital, and being in the business since 1990. While other platforms only entered the energy marketplace with the blockchain, Robotina has just as much blockchain knowledge in addition to decades of experience in energy, giving the team insights into what will work best.

Why Is the Robotina Utility Token Necessary?

The Robotina Utility Token, ROX, is the key to all of Robotina’s functionality. This is the platform’s universal token. The ROX token is specific to the application and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The team behind Robotina takes advantage of ROX to give the community back the “value of the cooperative network.” Additionally, ROX will serve several specific functions.

ROX Token

Business customers will use the Energy Service Company (ESCO) to implement the efficiency projects, and this will require the use of ROX. Any user who chooses to subscribe can get a discount of 3 percent by paying in ROX. These subscriptions are paid each month and are locked for six months in a smart contract, which allows for growth with fewer tokens in the open market. When users purchase hardware, software, or other services via the App Store, they will pay in ROX.

Those who hold ROX can prove themselves as members, giving them access to the community and offering unique benefits, like the ESCO Pool, Virtual Power Plant (VPP), and group buying. The VPP will let those with ROX take advantage of the benefits of trading power and energy, even if they do not have their own form of producing energy, like a solar power plant.

Users will receive ROX for their rewards and incentives. Just some of the profits received in ROX include revenue from the aggregated data sales, a share of all hardware sales, and power trades. In cases where clients bought hardware using fiat currency, Robotina will buy back ROX via the secondary market.

When Is the ICO?

The presale of ROX began Feb. 21, and the ICO will start on March 21, ending April 30. The presale has a 10 percent bonus, and as of the time of writing, there were already 113,774,979.29 ROX sold. The soft cap is $10 million, with a hard cap of $28.5 million. The minimum contribution is 0.5 ETH.

Token Sale

Seventy percent of the ROX tokens will go to the ICO supporters, with another 10 percent allocated for the team members and advisors. This means that of the total 815 million ROX, 570.5 million will be distributed during the crowdsale. From there, there will be 7 percent reserved for promotion and marketing, 5 percent for angel investors, 3 percent each for product and market development and the bounty fund, and 2 percent for escrow.

How Will Robotina Use the ICO Proceeds?

Robotina will allocate 27 percent of the proceeds from the ICO to platform development and another 23 percent to sales and marketing. Sixteen percent will go to IT security and compliance, 14 to operational costs, 10 to legal expenses, and 5 percent each to hardware development and strategy development.

Token Usage


With so many electric devices in homes and apartments around the world, a system like Robotina is an excellent way to reduce electricity consumption. Its ability to help the planet while providing savings to users will be very useful. The only constraint should be that user data will be limited at first, but this should resolve itself as more people take advantage of the platform and the HEMS units.

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