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Roobee IEO: Blockchain-Based AI Investment Platform

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Roobee is an innovative new investment platform that has the potential to change the way everyday people invest their money. It is also well funded and has attracted the support of well-placed crypto investors.

The idea behind Roobee is powerful: give people that don’t have piles of money the same access to investment opportunities that the wealthy have.


Making investments in up-and-coming companies isn’t easy. Venture Capital (VC) firms have loads of cash on hand and connections in some of the best tech markets on earth. Someone in a rural area with $10 in their bank account won’t have any luck in the VC market unless they use Roobee.

IEO Details

  • In the opening round of the Roobee IEO which launched on the BitForex exchange, they raised over 100BTC in one hour.
  • The second round starts tomorrow (May 18th 2019) and will run until May 22nd. You can purchase Roobee tokens for $0.01 USD.
  • Every investor in the IEO will also receive priority access to closed exclusive projects and start-ups for investment through the platform (such as TON ICO, Zoom IPO and etc) which they call the “priority participation ticket”.

IEO Details

View their official website to participate in the sale.

Roobee Addresses a Fundamental Imbalance

As the old saying goes: It takes money to make money.

The problem is that if you don’t have much money, the cards are stacked against you. The modern financial markets are difficult to invest in, and many people just trust their broker or financial advisory when it comes to their portfolio.

Roobee sees an opportunity for investors of all sizes, and companies that want to raise capital.

Instead of having to open numerous investment accounts, Roobee allows regular people to open one account, and invest in a range of financial instruments with as little as $10 USD.

Additionally, the RoobeeChain blockchain helps people to gain knowledge about the performance of any potential investment.

Roobee Features

Opening the Market to Almost Everyone

If you are in the US or Western Europe, the idea of being ‘unbanked’ might be strange. In many places in the world, banking services are expensive, and many people can’t access them due to their relative poverty.

The situation for investments is even more trying. A bank account acts as a gateway to other, more advanced financial services. Needless to say, if you can’t get a bank account, an investment account is almost impossible to open.

Cryptos have changed the game when it comes to who can access financial services, but there is still a gap between how people invest in established assets like equities, and the crypto world.

A Much Wider Audience

Artem Popov, the co-founder of Roobee, told Forbes that:

“We’re trying to level the playing field on financial markets. Our goal is to provide retail clients with the same investment opportunities and level of security as the largest financial market players, wherever in the world they are and no matter what their capital stands at, even at 10$. There are hardly any investment products available to the general public. Most investment instruments such as commercial property, venture funds, IPO, stock market are unavailable to most people and have high barriers to entry, they don’t cater at all to the retail investor. If a retail investor saves a modest sum of $5000, it will only be enough to get exposure to 1 or 2 investment instruments, but this is a risky approach because these particular 1-2 instruments can show negative performance. In an investment portfolio of 10 instruments, for instance, the risk is hedged. This is just one of the main problems that Roobee is set to solve for retail investors.”

The system that Roobee launched is also great for companies and projects that would have a hard time raising capital from the general public as well. If a person can buy into a company’s project, there is no way for either side to benefit from the other.


Diversification With Just $10

Putting all your money in one place isn’t a good idea. Modern Portfolio Theory is based on the idea of spreading investment capital over a wide market so that a single bad investment doesn’t ruin your financial life.

When it comes to investing in real estate, large corporations or early-stage companies, an investor would need to have a lot of money to stay diversified.

Roobee address this challenge as well. Instead of having to make investments that are worth tens of thousands of dollars, Roobee allows smaller investors to access early-stage companies, publicly traded companies and other investments like real estate that would have been impossible otherwise.

The idea that a very small investor ($10 USD isn’t a lot of money) could create a diversified portfolio that reaches into a variety of markets and investment types is revolutionary. Roobee is on the edge of creating a new world of investing, and major financial players are paying attention.

The Whale Sale

Earlier this year Bloomberg reported that Roobee had closed its pre-seed fundraising round with a single sale to an anonymous Bitcoin investor who was labeled 200m_trader. Bloomberg gave his this title because the trader turned around $55 million in paper wealth into more than $280 million during a single month.

Whale Investor

200m_trader funded Roobee to the tune of $4.5 million and said that, “I only invest in projects that can reach a capitalization of $1bn within the time frame of 5 years. I see this potential in Roobee. I followed the same guidelines investing in Ethereum back in 2014.”

A New Market Dynamic

In countries like India and Indonesia, large amounts of the population aren’t able to access basic banking services. While these unbanked masses may not have a lot of money on an individual basis, when aggregated, their buying power is substantial. The issue has always been how to connect all that investment potential with worthwhile financial instruments.

It would appear that Roobee has found the answer. Cryptos and blockchain make it much easier to move value over global data transmission systems, and Roobee has created a platform that allows micro-investors to deploy their capital across numerous responsible investments.

This is great news for companies and other projects as well, as the net result of Roobee is the potential for a massive amount new investment capital to hit the market, all of which will flow through their platform.

Roobee Breaks Down Old Barriers

It is impossible to say if the world of investments has become inaccessible to the masses because of design, or the natural evolution of a system that caters to people with increasing amounts of capital.

Artem Popov summed up Roobee in these terms to Forbes:

“To put it short, Roobee is like Uber, but in the world of investing. Roobee will comprise various instruments from different markets and provide retail investors with instant access to them with 0% fees. From every financial market, we select the best services, companies, and investment opportunities.”

Additionally, Roobee will change the way the bottom 90% globally, and open up financial markets to a degree that would have been impossible a decade ago. The crypto revolution is only a decade old.

Platforms like Roobee are demonstrating how powerful blockchain is, and the level of innovation that is possible. The next decade will likely see a sea-change in how value is moved around the world, and who is put in charge of how it is invested. Roobee is an early mover in this space, which puts them in a great position going forward.

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