Rupie is a development pipeline for games that is focused on the community. Rupie aims to redesign how games are created, funded, and discovered. The project adds new tools that can lead to success and provides access to community talent. The entire platform is built to appeal to content creators, developers, and players.

Rupie Guide

Rupie revolutionizes the process of creating a game and makes it easier to work toward success instead of just hoping it will happen. With Rupie, developers and content creators are able to improve the discovery of their projects and maximize early feedback, so they can make needed adjustments. Rupie also lets creators and developers take advantage of community participation to increase the probability of shipping the game, leading to success for everyone involved.

What Problem Does Rupie Resolve?

With Rupie, developers will have a better chance of overcoming the odds. The platform quotes the statistic that more than 75 percent of Kickstarter and Early Access games do not actually make it. However, Rupie can dramatically improve these odds via discovery, feedback, community involvement, and more.

Rupie hopes to overcome the fact that backing a game campaign involves risks and there is not typically much community involvement. The team also wants to eliminate the problems with transparency in game development. Players have been angered and surprised by loot boxes, failed promises, and pay-to-win games. There are also deadlines with massive delays and games that do not get shipped, along with less-than-reputable key players in the industry. Rupie takes steps to reestablish trust and overcome these hurdles.

While many games aim to crowdsource talent, Rupie sees problems with the current methods for this, as well. The team feels that the talent within the community needs clear ways of contributing to games, with a defined space for community members who want to contribute.

Finally, Rupie feels strongly that not getting enough early feedback hurts game development. There is not currently a system in place for developers to easily get this feedback, something that Rupie hopes to amend.

Community Game Incubation

One of the key parts of Rupie is Community Game Incubation. This is the new convention to unite developers, content creators, and players. It is designed to ensure game development is fun, rewarding, and inclusive.

The process begins with funding that is declarative and fast. Developers and content creators can work iteratively as they unlock their funding in chunks, maximizing accountability and trust. Establishing the projected funding in advance reduces uncertainty, letting you move to the next stage on your roadmap and deliver confidence to the community and investors.

Game Incubation

The next part of the Community Game Incubation is building. This is where you can place bounties to encourage the community to crowdsource your game. During this stage, you get early feedback from the community and your peers, along with integrative project management. This method enhances the chances of success for your project.

Finally, you are able to connect with the community in an unprecedented manner via Rupie. Leverage the community to find bugs and playtest. You can also use the community to connect with industry veterans and other game developers with varying levels of experience. Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise or offer your own.

Asset Marketplace

Rupie makes the content creators first-class citizens for game development. Content creators can post high-quality audio, models, and other elements to the platform’s Asset marketplace. Developers can then buy and seamlessly integrate your work into the game, earning you additional income for your content creations. At the same time, developers are able to find the content they need in a single marketplace.

Asset Marketplace

Rupie Bounties

Developers can also use Rupie Bounties to rent to own or buy assets directly from content creators. These bounties are another way for content creators and developers to form a mutually beneficial relationship. The content creators get paid and get to see their art put to use, while developers get the content they need for their game.

Bounty System

Escrow Platform

Rupie utilizes a Milestone Escrow Platform to ensure fairness in payments and also offers this platform for other applications. The crypto community can utilize the Rupie Escrow Platform for their own projects, such as crypto token sales.

Escrow System

Rupie Token

There are actually two tokens that run Rupie. These include both the ERC20 token using the public Ethereum blockchain and one on a private blockchain that is designed for the small, frequent transactions that players will access with Rupie player credentials. These tokens are Rupie (RPI) and Gems, respectively.

Rupies are the GAS as well as rewards token for verifying data on the platform’s private chain. They serve multiple functions, including the proof-of-audit system, access to certain actions on the platform, the ability to trade RPI for Gems, staking Rupies, and as community incentives.

Rupie Tokens

Gems are non-exchange and non-ERC20 tokens with a stable value. Thanks to Gems, users pay lower Ethereum GAS costs, get cheaper transactions, enjoy sub-second transaction speeds, get a more stable price relative to USD, and get to define which actions can turn Rupies into Gems.

An example use of the tokens would be milestones, which hold Gems in escrow. When the community and developer reach a milestone, the tokens will be ready for distribution from escrow. At this point, the platform calculates the amount of Rupies the project owner gets released, which depends on the RPI current exchange rate and how many Gems were raised during the milestone. As such, Rupies generate Gems, and specific actions can turn Gems back to Rupies.

Rupie Roadmap

In Q1 2018, Rupie launched its website and published its white paper. During Q2, the MVP launch occurs, funding begins, partnerships form, the milestone escrow is finalized, and work is done on the ERC20 token. In Q3, there will be a closed alpha and game onboarding, and project management will be integrated. In Q4, there will be the addition of the bounty system and communities. Finally, Q1 2019 will include the marketplace, distribution, and the advisory program, with more advances in the future.



Those who develop, create content for, or play games will appreciate the offerings of Rupie. This platform changes the process of creating games by encouraging more community development, which should improve the chances of success. Players will get to interact with developers and content creators, giving early feedback while developers and content creators will appreciate feedback on their projects, community involvement, and enhanced discovery.

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