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Safe and secure: SpaceSwap’s smart contract is officially audited by Lianantech, part of the Beosin company

SpaceSwap is a unique aggregator that unites all the major DeFi protocols in a one-stop-station
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SpaceSwap is a unique aggregator that unites all the major DeFi protocols in a one-stop-station. The project changes the principles of yield farming as it stands, now bringing you earnings from all the DeFi protocols simultaneously.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

To date, SpaceSwap has implemented 2 native tokens (SHAKE and MILK2) which have shown a stable price rise during the last 2 weeks.

The Lianatech company has officially approved that the SpaceSwap smart contract is able to function properly.

This is a huge achievement for the SpaceSwap team and a booster of all other improvements that are about to happen within the platform’s ecosystem.

The qualified audit was the next step after refining the tokenomics model and fixing some bugs on the platform.

During the launch of SpaceSwap 2.0, the team negotiated a smart contract audit with Lianantech, which is a part of the Beosin company – one of the leading Blockchain security companies in China.

Why did we choose Lianatech?

Lianatech is a division of the Beosin company. This Chinese blockchain security platform provides the best services to secure smart contracts, DApps, and wallets.

The high expertise and professionalism allowed the company to gain the trust of users.

To date, Beosin has audited over 500 smart contracts globally on its VaaS verification platform. Moreover, it has already completed more than 10 audits within the last 30 days.

The SpaceSwap team is highly honored to become one of the approved projects of the Lianatech (Beosin) company.

Major items of the Lianatech audit

Lianatech conducted a detailed audit by using several methods including Formal Verification, Static Analysis, Typical Case Testing, and Manual review to audit three pillars all the smart contracts stand on:

  • Coding Standards
  • Security
  • Business Logic

Thus, no crucial bugs or vulnerabilities have been detected in the SpaceSwap smart contract.

Audit of coding standards, security, and business logic of SpaceSwap

Coding Conventions

  • Compiler Version Security – Pass
  • Deprecated Items – Pass
  • Redundant Code – Pass
  • SafeMath Features – Pass
  • require/assert Usage – Pass
  • Gas Consumption – Pass
  • Visibility Specifiers – Pass
  • Fallback Usage = Pass

General Vulnerability

  • Integer Overflow/Underflow – Pass
  • Reentrancy – Pass
  • Pseudo-random Number Generator
  • (PRNG) – Pass
  • Transaction-Ordering Dependence – Pass
  • DoS (Denial of Service) – Pass
  • Access Control of Owner – Pass
  • Low-level Function (call/delegate call)
  • Security – Pass
  • Returned Value Security – Pass
  • tx.origin Usage – Pass
  • Replay Attack – Pass
  • Overriding Variables – Pass

Business Security

  • Business Logics – Pass

The smart contract security audit report has been already added to Etherscan.

Check all the tech details via this link:

Why is this audit important for SpaceSwap?

  1. Lower risk of bugs and vulnerabilities. Each and every piece of code has been checked for errors. No hacks, no downtime – that’s what we want to achieve.
  2. Higher fund security. Our users’ savings protection is the primary concern. Right now we can already eliminate all the possibilities of unauthorized withdrawal and blocking of funds. All deposits will be solely controlled by the community.
  3. More transparency and trust. Unlike platforms that sell-off investors’ funds and have features blocked because of smart contract errors, we’re doing our best to reduce the risk of failures, hacking, and attacks. SpaceSwap’s smart contract is aimed at fair and efficient fund distribution.

The audit has not interrupted the operational functionality of SpaceSwap 2.0. Our renewed platform is still running and remaining the top-notch place for yield farming and receiving MILK2 coin rewards.

 The SpaceSwap project aims to solve the problems of usability and low profits by providing a more eligible model for passive income and incentivization. This is a future one-stop-station for major DeFi services and a cosmic startup for all the promising projects in this sphere.

Open the MILK-ETH pool on Uniswap and click on the ‘Trade’ button to buy MILK instantly.

For more information, check out GitHub or contact the SpaceSwap team:


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