Safinus is a platform that lets those who are new to the cryptocurrency world join portfolios that are making a profit. Essentially, Safinus lets you invest in ICOs and cryptocurrencies without having to do so separately for each one. Safinus will appeal to those with all levels of crypto and trading experience. Those with experience will be able to significantly increase their managed capital volume, and professional traders can bring in new clients globally.

What Problems Does Safinus Address?

By creating Safinus, the team behind it hopes to address some of the current market’s problems. For investors, the major issue is the sheer amount of effort and time required to study the crypto market before making an investment. Many investors simply don’t have the technical knowledge necessary to understand the blockchain and cryptocurrency, let alone the advances. In addition to understanding the general concepts, investors currently need to research which ICO tokens will be profitable. Investors might also be concerned about the lack of regulatory framework in place.

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Even experienced investors with a clear understanding of the market have their own issues. The main problem Safinus aims to address for these investors is the limit on their managed funds. The team also wants to correct the issues with crypto funds, such as the challenges associated with bringing in new clients, particularly outside of the home region. When working with a smaller client, crypto funds need to spend a great deal of time on communication since small investors tend to ask plenty of questions.

What Are the Most Important Benefits of Safinus?

Experienced investors, as well as crypto funds, will experience overlapping benefits, such as the ability to make an individual platform and choose the criteria for others to join. They can also enjoy service customization, globalization of their activities, automated asset control strategies, and the ability to prove the profits they declare.

New investors will benefit from the ability to invest without having to understand ICO mechanisms, cryptocurrency, or the blockchain. Because all transactions appear on the blockchain, investors can also confirm that a crypto fund’s reported earnings are authentic. Investors also have smaller entry barriers. Although crypto funds will not work with small capital due to a lack of profitability, the platform makes it possible to join a portfolio with just $100. Finally, larger investors can get individual trusted management.

What Are the Key Components of the Safinus Platform?

To correct all these issues, Safinus’ platform has multiple features, starting with the portfolio creation mechanism. This function lets experienced investors create a portfolio with ICOs and cryptocurrencies, which other investors (regardless of experience) can join. There is also a universal portfolio rating automatically created based on earnings.


Professional traders can use Safinus to cater individually to their large investors with the mechanism for individual crypto asset management. There is another mechanism that allows for simultaneous trades on multiple exchanges with a single interface, improving asset liquidity.

Safinus includes a voting system to add ICOs and cryptocurrencies, something that protects users from scams. The platform also includes a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and instruments that allow for the automatization of portfolio management and cryptocurrency trade strategies.

How Do You Create and Use a Portfolio with Safinus?

Experienced traders, funds, and investors can create portfolios with tokens and cryptocurrencies. To make the portfolio, investors need to be registered on the platform, then create the portfolio and describe the strategy for managing its assets. Finally, they must fill the SAF token balance to finish creating the portfolio. The creators will then deposit their own funds, distributing them how they see fit. A portfolio with a larger initial investment will be viewed with more trust since users know that the portfolio manager risks his or her own money.


Once you create a portfolio, you can choose the criteria for investors who want to join. You can set a fixed commission for joining or leaving, commissions from the investor’s earnings, and a minimum amount of time that the investor must have the portfolio. By establishing the commissions for your portfolio, you determine your own earnings.

How Does Safinus Evaluate Portfolios?

To help users choose which portfolios to invest in, Safinus evaluates portfolios. This is done in USD using exchange rates found on the most popular exchanges. In the case of ICO tokens not on an exchange yet, the value is based on purchase price. Portfolio values are calculated daily to give investors up-to-date information.

What Will the Decentralized Crypto Exchange Include?

Even now, most crypto exchanges available are centralized, making them open to hacking. In addition to the portfolio investing abilities, Safinus hopes to develop a completely decentralized exchange, which it will do in stages. For the first stage, the team will create a traditional exchange that is centralized and can connect with the APIs from other exchanges.

For stage two, the system will become hybrid. Exchanges based on Ethereum will follow decentralized exchange principles, including using smart contracts. The other cryptocurrencies will still follow the traditional model. This partial transition should improve system security.

Finally, the third stage will involve the creation of a global decentralized exchange. It will also have support for exchanges of a cross-chain nature. Because the system will not depend on any controlling party, traders and investors can trust in their capital’s safety. This final stage will require additional technology development, and Safinus is currently researching various options to build upon.


What Should You Know About the Safinus Token?

The Safinus Token, SAF, meets the ERC-20 standard and will be used by portfolio managers. To make a portfolio, managers need to have at least 200 SAF. SAF tokens will only be released during the ICO, with 1 SAF being equal to 1 USD. Ninety-two percent of tokens will be distributed via the ICO, with 3 percent used in the bounty campaign and 5 percent going to PR and marketing. There is a hard cap of 16 million USD, and unsold SAF will be burnt.

ICO Details

The presale lasts from Jan. 23 to Feb. 14, 2018. During the presale, bonuses range from a 50 to 20 percent discount, with higher discounts earlier. The ICO will run from March 2 to April 2, with a 10 percent discount for the first seven days.


For those who want to begin investing in crypto assets and ICOs but do not know where to start, Safinus is an excellent option. It should also be a good choice for experienced traders who want to branch out into the crypto world and put their knowledge and skills to good use via portfolios.

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