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SCP, Corp closes early stage round to fund the ScPrime Distributed Cloud Storage Project

SCP, Corp. closed $600,000 in early stage fundraising from private investors for use in developing a distributed storage product.
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SCP, Corp. closed $600,000 in early stage fundraising from private investors for use in developing a distributed storage product. The product is a fully S3-compatible cloud network targeting small and medium enterprise customers called Xa (pronounced exxa) that aggregates storage capacity from individuals and companies, creating a distributed global datacenter for secure and performant client access.

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Key benefits over centralized datacenter models are lower customer cost, a less destructive environmental footprint, higher native security and compatibility with widely used protocols for snap-in replacement of backup and archival storage applications. Blockchain is used for publicly auditable and immutable smart contracts to provide frictionless payment capability to thousands of storage providers no matter where they are located. The project utility coin is publicly tradeable on Whitebit, Probit and SouthXchange (ticker symbol SCP).

“We believe distributed storage will become a key part of the coming data explosion in that it solves so many of the problems native to building huge datacenters far from customers they serve and requiring multiple full copies spread to facilities even further away to achieve durability” said Kenneth Bell, CEO of SCP, Corp. “Centralized data facilities represent the pendulum swinging too far back towards hub and spoke networks, which negates much of the promise of the Internet.”

The Xa network is currently functional and in alpha version, codename Chaos. Potential early evangelist customers are invited to sign up via email to participate in the beta period upcoming at The network currently delivers just over 1PB of active storage capacity as proof-of-concept and availability into product launch. Anyone can participate in providing hard drive space to earn SCP coins. “In these challenging times, providing storage is small footprint side hustle to earn some extra money for people all over the world.” said Bell.

SCP, Corp is incorporated in the state of Colorado with a fully distributed development team located from New Zealand to the USA and points in between. Visit for more details.

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