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“Shiba Inu Killer” Antis Inu Community Flourishes from Brilliant Airdrop Marketing Strategy, Poised to Compete for the Top Dog in Crypto

During World War II, the famous dog Antis was the first canine to fly as part of military air raids. He will now be raiding the Binance blockchain and taking back what is rightfully his.
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ANTIS INU has launched on the Binance Smart Chain as the memecoin that will change the game as we know it! The doxxed US-based developer on Antis Inu has two other successful cryptocurrency projects under his belt and Antis marks the first foray into the memecoin space.

A unique and aggressive marketing move was made prior to the launch of Antis Inu. One million Shiba Inu holders were airdropped a single Antis Inu token in order to gain the attention of the loyal Shiba holder base. This bold move by the Antis team is bringing a lot of eyes on the cryptocurrency as post- launch buzz continues to build. A “Diamond Hands” presale group provided the initial liquidity for Antis of which all participants were hand selected by the developer for having a verifiable track record of long-term holding.

The presale group for Antis Inu is composed fully of vetted, large holders of a previous project by which the developer called Infinity Token. Infinity token is an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency with a focus on mining Bitcoin.

The adversarial Shiba airdrop marketing tactic the Antis team used prior to launch draws a natural comparison to Shiba Inu and demonstrates massive potential upside for Antis holders as Antis continues to pick up steam. The one-of-a-kind story behind the namesake dog “Antis” builds an interesting narrative for curious potential buyers. In World War II, a German Shepherd named Antis was rescued from a home behind German lines by a Czech airman and a French pilot. After demonstrating some unique talents, Antis completed air raids as a four-legged wing-man to allied fighter pilot Václav Robert Bozděch.

The dog was highly efficient at alerting his pilot to nearby enemy aircraft, often detecting the opposing fighter planes more effectively than the WWII era radar systems. Antis the dog is considered a bonafide war hero of the allied war effort! Antis Inu offers one major competitive advantage that it’s competitor Shiba Inu cannot boast, real-world utility. Mining Doge as a key feature means major exposure to the die-hard Dogecoin fan base.

The strategy of purchasing mining rigs means the potential for long-term stability. The Antis team plans to see Antis listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges as the holder pool continues to grow over time. The community rallying around the story of Antis the dog and the unique utility aspects of the project itself are creating a high level of hype that could see Antis Inu competing with the other major dog coins in the space including Doge and of course, Shiba Inu. The passionate holders are referring to themselves as the “Antis Air Force”. Shortly after launch, the Antis developer locked the liquidity pool for 2 years. Antis Inu is fully audited with a perfect passing grade by Dessert Finance.

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