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Shping: Innovating the Retail Sector with Cryptocurrency Rewards and Blockchain Tech

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2017 was the year cryptocurrencies hit home! While it was something only a close-knit community of people were talking about in the past, in 2017 it became regular, water-cooler conversation! With currencies showing 5-figure growth percentages, the acceptability is on the rise. Shping brings cryptocurrency-led innovation into the retail sector. Shping, which is a marketing platform has a lot to offer to brands as well as to the consumers.

Shping Token Sale

Please Note: This is a Press Release

The Shping Platform has three objectives –

  • Helping brands promote their products better and collect better feedback
  • Providing consumers with cryptocurrency rewards
  • Creating a global product database.

Shping, which is short for Shopping, rewards consumers with cryptocurrencies using the Shping Coin (SHPING), which is the native currency on their platform. Shping helps brands educate consumers about their products as well as collect feedback from them. Moreover, it rewards consumers for getting educated about the product or providing a feedback. Let us take a closer look at how Shping functions.

Benefits of The Shping Platform

The Shping platform offers multiple benefits for brands and businesses as well as to the retail consumers. When it comes to benefits for brands – Shping helps the brands promote their products without heavy ad spends. Shping makes use of the SHPING (Shping Coin) cryptocurrency tokens to reward consumers to view product videos.

This helps brands get feedback from the consumers as well as the consumer would be prompted with forms and surveys where they can let the company know about their opinion of the product in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards. This helps the brands reduce the cost of employing middle-men to get these forms and surveys filled. Moreover, they will directly be able to target the right kinds of consumers.

Further, brands don’t need to offer additional discounts on their products as that would now be in the form of cryptocurrency rewards. In addition to this, another major goal of Shping is that they are working towards creating a global platform of products where millions of products from across the world will be listed. As of this writing, there are 30 Million products listed on the Shping platform.

Shping also benefits the consumers and retail shoppers as it offers them with cryptocurrency rewards, as well as educates them with relevant information, making sure that the users make a well-informed purchase decision.

How To Get The SHPING Cryptocurrency Tokens?

The SHPING Token Sale is currently live, and Shping Coins can be purchased directly via visiting As of this writing, 5 Billion coins are at offer at a price $0.01 per SHPING. A combined total of $37 Million worth Shping is on sale at the moment. This is 50% of the total supply of Shping Coins, which is capped at $10 Billion.

Users can also get hold of Shping Coins using the Shping app. Moreover, once the currency gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and open markets, it could then be traded over there as well. However, for now this is the best way to get hold of SHPING.



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