Skrumble Network: Secure Decentralized Communication Network

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Skrumble Network is a completely new blockchain that centers on creating the most secure communications possible. Once fully developed, the Skrumble Network blockchain and application will let users perform communication and financial transactions more quickly and build their own applications using the network.

In addition to the blockchain itself, the team behind Skrumble Network is also developing the first application that will run on the network and it will be a communication application for messaging, voice, video, file sharing, and more. Additionally, it will give users open-source documentation for developers to easily add a communication layer to their applications.

Skrumble Network

It is Skrumble Network’s mission to ensure there’s global access to a communication system that is secure and allows for both data ownership and user privacy.

Who Is Behind Skrumble Network?

While Skrumble Network itself is new, the team behind it is not. Skrumble Technologies Inc is a Toronto, Canada-based company that has been in operation since 2014. It has more than 40 employees and multiple successful product lines within the space of enterprise communication. The team is excited to expand their reach to include the blockchain.

What Are the Goals of the Skrumble Network?

Skrumble Network will democratize communication on a global scale and give users back ownership of their own data. The Skrumble team is confident that with the success of the network, a new era featuring innovative blockchain communication will arrive. Using proprietary communication technology, Skrumble Network will be able to improve data privacy and security, allowing for secure, direct transactions and connections between users.

The team behind Skrumble Network feels that decentralization is the key to meeting these goals for communication. This is because decentralization leads to innovative, secure, and advanced methods of information sharing and communication. Decentralized communication will specifically address such issues as data security challenges, the lack of privacy, the ability to be compromised or blocked, and the lack of global access, all of which are typical challenges with centralized communication.

What Are Some Key Features of the Skrumble Network?

Between the Skrumble Network blockchain and the upcoming decentralized communication application, users will have access to a range of innovative key features. The blockchain will be completely anonymous thanks to the pseudonymous identification and the ability to set your own username. Users will also own their data due to the secure data protocols Skrumble Network includes; the network is impenetrable and decentralized, making it finally possible to ensure user and content privacy.


With everything happening with social media and other messaging platforms being hacked, censored, and blocked, Skrumble Network users from around the world can connect securely. Utilizing unique session IDs to encrypt each and every peer-to-peer connection, Skrumble Network ensures that access can never be blocked by any firewall or traced. Because of Skrumble Network’s decentralized protocols, the network is virtually impenetrable, both in terms of compromising data and attacks. They guarantee file and data security with proprietary technology that will split data into pieces and spread it across the network, and only users with the unique session ID can piece the information back together.

How Is the Skrumble Network Different from Existing Blockchain Networks?

The Skrumble Network will change the use of blockchain technology from primarily financial transactions, and ensure that there is a solution to establish secure communication connections that are very quick in the setup time and accommodating of all forms of data. It’s incredible unique in the fact that it busts through firewalls to bring voice, video and more globally.

With so many blockchain communication applications already available, Skrumble Network offers something different. Not only is it a fully decentralized and anonymous method for communication, but it has a robust functionality you won’t find anywhere else. These functions include things like conferencing, audio or video calls, messaging, user-controlled record storage, file transfers, screenshot notifications, screen sharing, wallets for the in-context money transfers, and more. It will work on all modern browsers as well as an application.

It also uses proprietary algorithms that you will not find anywhere else. These algorithms ensure any connection on the blockchain cannot be hacked, traced or compromised and also ensures unbeatable data security. Skrumble Network even takes advantage of Skrumble’s more than 30 high-level global patents. Perhaps most importantly, the team already has trusted in-market communication technology. This proves that they will be able to deliver the promised product. This is in sharp contrast to many similar projects with lofty goals that simply cannot deliver.

What Is the SKM Token?

SKM is the utility token used to operate Skrumble Network. It will be used across the network and also as an incentivized system within the communication application. To encourage usability, the Skrumble Network will also offer compatibility for many widely supported currencies that users can take advantage of for in-conversation trading. Miners will receive compensation in the form of SKM tokens, with a set percentage of tokens released each year over three years to maintain pace with inflation. Following that, the ecosystem will sustain itself and the community will establish the token price.

What Are the Use Cases for the Skrumble Network?

With Skrumble Network, the possible use cases for other application to be built upon the blockchain are incredibly extensive, including nearly anything that revolves around rich media communication transactions and more. Developers can use the network to create several niche add-ons and continue complimenting the existing offerings in the ecosystem.


One example use case is an in-context secure transfer. The network will feature an end-to-end encrypted payment system within the conversation, allowing for peer-to-peer money transfers.

Another example is a potential freelance marketplace. With the Skrumble Network, a developer could set up a system where those who want to hire a freelancer will choose someone to work with and set up parameters for the job, so the freelancer receives payment once the contract terms are met.

Users can even take advantage of virtual showrooms to share their talents via live video, with the possibility of getting in-conversation payment in return for the content they choose to share.

What Has Skrumble Already Achieved, and What Does the Future Roadmap Look Like?

As mentioned, Skrumble Technologies Inc was founded in 2014. In 2015, they filed over 30 global patent applications. In Q1 of 2016, they launched the beta version of their Unified Communication platform. The official launch of the product was in Q2 of 2017, and in Q4 of that same year, they launched their feature-rich product documentation with an open API.

This year, 2018, Skrumble will launch the beta version of the decentralized communication app in Q3, as well as the beta version of the blockchain. In Q4, it will launch the actual decentralized application.


The team plans to release the open communication layer, including SDK and API, in Q2 of 2019. This is also when the Skrumble Network Ecosystem will launch.


While many blockchains and application already exist, Skrumble Network will add a completely new, revolutionary level of functionality, usefulness and data security for those in search of a communication-centric blockchain. Anyone who wants secure communication via the blockchain, whether as a user or developer, should keep their eye on Skrumble Network as the blockchain, application, and communication layer launch.

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