Smartlink Launches First Sustainable Marketplace for Crypto Users

Smartlink announced the launch of yield farming on its decentralized exchange Vortex v. 1.2, and is growing its reach in DeFi.
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Smartlink, which offers escrow smart contracts, launchpad and DeFi suite, announced the launch of yield farming on its decentralized exchange Vortex v. 1.2.

Smartlink’s launch is incorporating Yield Farming to the second edition of Vortex, a blessing to the DeFi ecosystem on Tezos. This second edition of Vortex also has a native indexer, a ROI calculator and best in its kind analytical capabilities.

Smartlink Brings More Ideas to the Marketplace

All DeFi 2.0 ecosystems rely on yield farming when needing liquidity providers to add more liquidity to dexes.

According to Smartlink’s announcement, there will be liquidity farms for a wide array of Tezos-based tokens like SMAK, ETHtez, USDtz, tzBTC, hDAO, Plenty, Ctez, Crunch, kUSD and QUIPU (FA 1.2 and FA 2.0).

Within Vortex, LIGO Lang is auditing the farming smart contracts. Ligo Lang is a Tezos development studio and provider of comprehensive smart contract languages for Tezos.

A remarkable feature Smartlink improved in its second version of Vortex is its robust analytics suite, which includes swift transactions. This second edition also came with bug fixes and a new proprietary indexer that permits operations to flow smoothly with fast confirmations.

Also some technical issues in its previous version were addresses in Vortex 1.2.

Smartlink is as concerned with the positive end-user experience as much as it is dedicated to technical improvements and bug fixes when it developed Vortex v1.2.

Smartlink is Building the Future

Smartlink has been successful in attracting over $10 million in Total Value Locked, and it offers its clients a tremendous amount of functionality. Not only does the platform give its clients the ability to exchange tokens, it also has a range of DeFi services.

Like many DeFi platforms, Smartlink has a range of yield farming tools which allow users to earn the SMAK token. Like many tokens, the SMAK token has a range of uses, and may gain in value as more people come to the Smartlink platform.

Yield farming is hot for a reason. In the established financial system, it is very difficult to gain any yield. Most bonds offer less than 3% per year, and when inflation is taken into account, investors are actually paying to loan the government money.

At Smartlink, this is turned on its head. Staking pools at Smartlink offer competitive yields, so that Smartlink users can gain from their crypto holdings.

A Platform that is Built to Grow

Unlike many of the platforms in the DeFi arena, Smartlink uses Tezos. Ethereum-based platforms struggle with slow speeds, as well as costs that can be prohibitive to smaller traders. With Smartlink and Tezos, these worries simply don’t exist.

Transactions on Tezos are fast and inexpensive, although they aren’t free. In order to use Smartlink, you will need to have a Tezos wallet, and be ready to pay some small fees in XTZ in order to use the Smartlink platform.

The upside is that Smartlink is much cheaper than a platform that uses Ethereum, so while the Ethereum crew is waiting for ETH 2.0 to go live, you can be trading, staking and earning with Smartlink.

Smartlink is Thriving

With more than $10 million in TVL, and a wide reaching platform, Smartlink is getting ready for its next growth period. The platform offers a range of useful DeFi services, and unlike Ethereum-based platforms, Smartlink is cheap and fast to use.

There is also a fully sustainable launchpad coming from Smartlink, which will be great for the platform, and the Tezos ecosystem as a whole.

Smartlink will work seamlessly with some of the most popular Tezos wallets. If you are interested in all the features that Smartlink offers its users, just click here for more information!

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