SPACE Metaverse Expanding its Team: Call Of Duty Co-Founder Backing Project

After successfully raising $7 million in the latest funding round, Space Metaverse is using it in growing its team by adding more talent.
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After successfully raising $7 million in the latest funding round, SPACE Metaverse is using it in growing its team by adding more talent from the gaming industry.

SPACE Metaverse, or SPACE, an emerging virtual world for arts and commerce.

It has announced new hires. According to the announcement, it has appointed one of the co-founders of the popular Call of Duty game, Chance Glasco, as its new director of product strategy.

In addition, co-founded Dash NEXT, Felix Mago, who is an expert in the blockchain industry, is going to serve as its new Blockchain lead, while Antonio Molina from CD Projekt RED plays its new product lead.

It is easy to see that SPACE is trying to realize its goal which is to become the social commerce platform of the Metaverse.

Promoting the Development of SPACE

The SPACE project was originally started by a small team including individuals with experience in VR, crypto, and e-commerce.

SPACE creates a place where users can build and design their own virtual commerce spaces for gaming, arts, fashion, music, and more such as an art gallery or a music concert, then stock them with virtual goods which can be sold to other Metaverse users to make money.

Batis Samadian, the founder and CEO at SPACE said it’s time to expand the team with the joining of more talents.

To wit,

“Now, this feeds into the ability to bring the next wave of phenomenal team members on board. We are very excited about new key personalities with experience from Call of Duty, Dash NEXT, and CD Projekt Red.”

It doesn’t stop just there, in the wake of strong traction and growth for SPACE, it is adding new hires in the coming months in the plan to grow its team up to five-fold.

In December last year, SPACE closed its latest fundraising round at $7 million with the participation of Coinfund, Dapper Labs, Digital Currency Group, HOF Capital, Animoca Brands, and other investors.

Boom – Metaverse

Today, the potentials of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been explored more than ever, especially in ownership and gaming.

Not only do they play video games for entertainment, relaxation, or fun, but players are also able to monetize from their plunder in the gaming world which just no longer disappears once the game ends.

Also, artists or creators are able to better protect property rights in their art of work and sell it without the participation of third parties.

NFTs have been transforming the world by allowing the monetization of virtual assets by owning and trading them.

The Metaverse is gaining people’s interest and mass adoption to become a place where people can meet and gather in worlds parallel to our own. It’s evaluating the commerce industry that allows users to buy items, sell items and engage with digital goods with cryptocurrency.

The SPACE project is one of the glues to connect those different worlds and become the generation for social commerce.

It provides tools for users to explore their creativity in designing their own virtual spaces. Everything is able to be highly customizable and integrated, with point-of-sale tools provided by Stripe.

SPACE Metaverse is Here!

As a result, users can access the space by a desktop app, web page, or VR headset.

Users are also represented by avatars and the app provides spatial audio making people can see, hear, and speak to other users while they’re browsing in the different shops and venues. SPACE users can make money by selling artwork, music, and other items.

SPACE has released its Early Access Alpha in December last year and it has attracted more than 15,000 users. There’re spaces available for its community to create including hangars, concert halls, amphitheaters, shows, music rooms, art rooms, and others.

Bloomberg Intelligence reported that the metaverse may increase from $478 billion in 2020 up to a $783 billion market by 2024. This is a massive market, and there is no way back!

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