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Sticker Sold an NFT Sold for 258KUSDT at Charity Auction

Stickers platform has been at the forefront in supporting the Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and they can change the market dynamics.
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Ever since NFTs came through the market, there has been a lot of speculation about their feasibility and legitimacy but recently in the past few weeks, there has been a quick spike in the NFT market as people are more attracted to them and many blockchain artwork galleries have been hosting encrypted online expos and exhibitions.

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Stickers platform has been at the forefront in supporting the Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and they can change the market dynamics. They recently had a Crypto Art Week Gala night on the Sticker platform, and they sold the “Iron Mars Doge” artwork for $258000. The Gala was held in Shanghai, China on 30th May 2021 and the core theme was the Stickers NFT Charity Auction. The purpose of this auction was to support and provide funds to young and emerging artists who voluntarily join Stickers. The NFT provider was Metaverse Foundation and other major capitals.

Following is some of the NFTs which were sold at the Gala:

“Fractist-Galaxy Metaverse” was sold at 60KUSDT; “Vision ETH” was sold at 40K USDT; “Bit Thanos” was sold at 55K USDT; “Iron Mars Doge” was sold at 258K USDT.

The “Iron Mars Doge” artwork was made by an artist known as Wendi who is also the founder of ZUI Design Art Studios. Wendi has obtained different design professional certifications from the Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. In 2013, different artworks were collected by the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and he was admitted to the China University of Geosciences in Beijing, School of Jewelry, Jewelry Design major, being the first place in his province in 2014. Wendi also won the Third Prize, Best Popularity Award in 2014 in International Snow Sculpture Competition. The most popular publications of Wendi are “The ZUI Design” released in 2017 and “The ZUI Design 2.0” in 2018.

The artwork was made from the inspiration from a sudden price spike of DogeCoin after the endorsement from Elon Musk who is also working on his SpaceX Mars mission. People also call Elon Musk the ‘Iron Man’ and so the name comes from these three things. This artwork obviously attracted many people as it was one of its kind and very inspiring, it was just like the people expected it to be and attracted many DogeCoin communities and enthusiasts, that was the key element in making it precious and rare.

Many people argue that NFTs are going to fade away in the future and their prices are very overhyped and not many people can afford such high prices. However, the concept behind NFTs is to provide a secure transaction of artworks or any other thing which someone own and of course these is rare things, and the price is determined based on how rare they are.

Stickers platform has developed the ecology of this platform such as a way that provides a seamless experience to both artists and customers. It is built by the core developer team of Metaverse and is built on top of it which uses the ETP chain. Stickers platform will be able to support BSC this June which will open more doors by enabling more customers to make easier transactions possible.

Stickers platform is also an important part of the Gene Finance ecosystem as the Stickers ecology is directly focused on NFTs, enabling artists and users to browse through different options and providing them different features such as Acceleration Cards which categorizes each artwork ranging from Normal to Ultra Rare and which also helps in determining the right price for the artwork NFT.

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