STORM delivers gamified micro-tasks, so users can earn money anywhere at any time, regardless of the device they are using. With Storm Market, everyone around the world gets more opportunities to earn money via technology. The platform gamifies micro-tasks to provide users with ways to earn money as well as engage with others. Storm Market aims to not only provide a way for users to earn tokens but also to create a community feel via engagement and active participation.

Storm Token Guide

Who Is Behind Storm Market?

Storm Market is a project from StormX, Inc., a Seattle-based company with a history of using limited resources efficiently. Despite minimal outside investment, the team has already created a profitable business with growing products, partnerships, and users. The team has been testing and adding strategies, which leads to improved profitability. For example, by adding the Storm Task feature, the revenue growth has been more than 56 percent weekly. There are already 250,000 monthly active users, with a large chunk of the user growth due to referrals.

How Can Users Earn STORM Tokens?

There are three main ways for users to earn STORM tokens via the Storm Market. STORM PLAY lets you “play to earn.” Via a Google Play application, you can earn tokens by playing videos or trying out new services and products.

Storm Play

STORM SHOP lets users “shop to earn.” Specific details are still in the works, but this aspect of Storm Market will let you earn STORM tokens by shopping for services and products, including those you planned to buy anyway.


Finally, STORM GIGS let users “perform to earn.” This is where the gamified micro-tasks come into play. You earn STORM tokens when you perform various micro-tasks, such as P2P freelancing, QA testing, and machine learning.

What Are Some Key Features of Storm Market?

Essentially, Storm Market makes it possible to earn any way, from any device, and at any time. The platform uses the blockchain to efficiently enable micro-transactions, then Storm Market takes it to the next level with user experiences and interfaces that are human-centric.

The team behind Storm Market sees the platform as a way to address the needs of the global eligible workforce, a figure that is estimated at 4.68 billion people worldwide. Specifically, it allows freelancers around the world to grow. Storm Market provides security thanks to its status as a trustless network that utilizes Ethereum smart contracts for the various micro-tasks.

As mentioned, Storm Market relies on gamification techniques as a way to let users earn additional STORM tokens in a manner that is simple and straightforward. The system is easily accessible with a mobile-first design that ensures that the platform always lives up to the “anywhere” part of the Storm Market.

Already, Storm Market has shown a great deal of popularity. There are more than 1.4 million downloads of the application to date.

Who Can Use Storm Market?

Anyone can use Storm Market, but the team has a few specific categories in mind, along with labels for each category to make it easier to understand interactions. Individuals who use the platform to earn money are known as Storm Players. Storm Makers refers to advertisers, gaming platforms, machine learning companies, and recruiters. Essentially, anyone offering opportunities for micro-transactions and engagement will be a Storm Maker, while those who take advantage of those opportunities to earn STORM tokens is a Storm Player.

Storm Market

Within the whitepaper, the team behind Storm Market outlines six different types of Storm Players, showcasing the versatility of the platform.

Storm Players

Achievers enjoy learning new things and new skills. Disruptors like to disrupt existing systems and enjoy tasks like testing, rearranging, and breaking. Explorers are free-spirited and like tasks related to exploration and creation. Socializers like interacting with others and are likely to complete referrals. Philanthropists like tasks that are oriented toward doing good deeds instead of reward-driven, typically seeking out the Storm Makers who improve the community. Finally, Players have rewards as their motivation, enjoying the tasks as a way to redeem prizes and rewards.

How Does Storm Market Utilize the Blockchain?

The blockchain is a key part of Storm Market by making it possible to efficiently match Storm Makers and Storm Players. This matching, in turn, allows for users to perform micro-tasks in under five minutes via any mobile device and receive a reward for the task. Storm Market also uses smart contracts known as Storm Contracts, to enforce the terms of the interaction during the length of the contract. Thanks to smart contracts, enforcement is automatic with minimal or no human intervention. That automation and lack of requirement for human intervention improves turnaround times and leads to increased efficiency for lower fees.

How Does Storm Market Compare to Other Similar Platforms?

There are several other platforms available offering similar goals to Storm Market, but this particular one has numerous advantages. Competitors can charge service fees (for their equivalent of Storm Gigs) of up to 40 percent. By contrast, Storm Market only charges a small 1 percent fee plus the Ethereum gas cost, the latter of which will not even go to Storm Market. Additionally, Storm Market allows for the immediate withdrawal of your funds, while competitors can take as long as five days.

Finally, Storm Market offers a list of features and advantages you cannot get with the other similar platforms. These include gamification, project management integration, a secured and private platform, and marketing integration.


In today’s world where everyone wants to earn some extra income and be on their mobile devices, Storm Market provides an excellent solution. The gamified micro-transactions should offer a range of options for those around the world, making it possible for freelancers to earn extra income even if they just have a few minutes available at a time. The platform should also stand out for its community engagement and ease of use. Both those looking to earn tokens and those in search of freelancers to complete micro-tasks should find Storm Market to be useful.

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