STOXUM markets itself as the very first decentralized exchange of a hybrid nature that has a 100 percent share distribution. As a hybrid system, STOXUM aims to take the advantages of centralized exchanges and bring them to decentralized ones.


The STOXUM exchange will be different from other current offerings due to its hybrid nature, which means it combines the best features from both decentralized and centralized exchanges. STOXUM will have full transparency, including reports on every transaction. Right from the start, users will be able to trade the top five cryptocurrencies, and the team will add as many as two more coins each month. The decision of which coins to add will be based on an innovative voting system.

What Are Some Key Features of STOXUM?

As a hybrid system, STOXUM has a unique operating system, combining the best features of both decentralized and centralized exchanges. The master nodes make it simple for anyone to launch, and there is open client source code, as well as an open master node source code. The STOXUM system can handle 1 million transactions each second, so there should not be delays due to large volumes of trades. STOXUM also claims to deliver “100% security” by verifying all transactions with the decentralized nodes. Token holders can easily download a detailed report on all the transactions within the system, making it possible for anyone to verify them.

Stoxum Features

What Cryptocurrencies Does STOXUM Support?

As mentioned, in the beginning, STOXUM will have support for the top five cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XRP. Those rankings are based on CoinMarketCap. Then, users will get to decide which tokens are added to the system. The voting system will factor in account turnover in addition to the quantity of STM tokens available. There is no risk of driving up votes since all users can see detailed reports on every vote in real-time.


What Should You Know about STM?

STM is the STOXUM token, and there is a total of 200 million tokens. During the sale, there is a fixed price of 1 STOXUM for 0.00002 BTC. At the end of the sale, any unsold tokens will automatically be destroyed.

What Bonuses Does STOXUM Offer?

To encourage cryptocurrency investors to use STOXUM, the platform will provide discounts for bidding with larger investment sizes. Bids of at least 5,000 STM come with a 3 percent discount, which increases to 5 percent at 7,000 STM, 10 percent at 12,000 STM, 15 percent at 18,000, 20 percent at 25,000, 30 percent at 40,000, and as much as 50 percent at 80,000 STM. There is also an affiliate program with a two-tiered referral system, which can lead to bonuses.

What Benefits Do STM Token Holders Get?

The team behind STOXUM encourages contributions by listing a few key benefits for STM token holders, including 100 percent dividend revenue. There is also an affiliate program that has the highest allocations and a white label solution for launching platforms. STM holders can access the WebSocket and HTTP API for trading mechanisms, and there will be trading bots built right into the platform that work with various algorithms.


What Are the Token Holder Dividends?

One of the biggest benefits for STM token holders is dividends. Remember that STOXUM holders get dividends on the full 100 percent of platform revenue, which is divided up proportionally to the number of tokens a holder has. This included platform revenue includes paid votes to add new coins, payments for launching STOXUM’s white label solution, premium accounts, paid services, and transaction fees.


In a move that token holders will appreciate, the dividends are accrued in real-time, going to the wallet that holds your STOXUM tokens. The dividends are based on exchange rates when the transaction occurs. The dividends will be calculated and sent to the appropriate wallet addresses a minimum of once per 10 minutes.

What Should You Know about the STM Token Sale?

At the time of writing, the STM token sale was still in the closed presale phase, which would last for another three days. So far, 2,527,575 STM had been sold, and bonuses during this phase were set to 30 percent. The soft cap of the token sale is $2 million; the hard cap is $30 million. At the time of writing, the funds raised amounted to $366,754. The closed presale is going from April 30 to May 5 with a cap of 30,680,000 STM.

Token Sale

Presale 1 will follow this with a 25 percent bonus from May 10 to 20 and a cap of 53,680,000 STM. Presale 2 will last from May 25 to June 6 and have a 15 percent bonus and cap of 71,850,000 STM. Presale 3 goes from June 10 to 17 with a cap of 89.7 million STM and a 5 percent bonus. Presale 4 will lasts from June 20 to 25 with a 3 percent bonus and cap of 100 million STM. The ICO will then last for over a month, from July 1 through Aug. 10, with a cap of 200 million STM. The total target in USD is $30 million.

What Is STOXUM’s White Label Solution?

The white label solution from STOXUM lets a company launch its brand “in one click.” With this solution, the business in question sets fees on trades, chooses which pairs and coins are traded, and has the option to connect to fiat or other currencies. Customers who use the white label solution get detailed reports on transactions, 60 to 80 percent of allocations, and a ready-made launch client that can have its design changed.

What Other STOXUM Features Will Developers and Businesses Like?

STOXUM additionally offers an API for writing trading mechanisms. This API is compatible with the HTTP protocol and WebSockets and has detailed documentation. There are also ready-made trading bot mechanisms with flexible settings, your choice of trading algorithms, both take profit and stop loss logic, and the ability to launch in a click without algorithmic knowledge.

What Does the STOXUM Roadmap Look Like?

From April to July 2018, STOXUM will be working on the ICO, marketing so it can attract additional investors, making preliminary arrangements with exchanges for placing tokens, and doing an internal alpha platform test. The launch of the beta test for STOXUM will take place on Aug. 20, 10 days after the end of the ICO. This will be for token holders. The beta version will open for all in September, and the token will be on at least three exchanges. By October, it will publish the open-source code and launch the white label solution. December will see the trading bots and the beginning of voting for additional coins.


STOXUM aims to take the best features of a decentralized exchange and combine them with those of traditional centralized ones with a hybrid model. Token holders will receive a full 100 percent of dividends, something that is rare. The ICO is about to begin, making this the perfect time to consider investing in STOXUM.

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