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Introducing Streamity ICO: A New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Streamity addresses the common problems with cryptocurrency exchanges, such as the ability to convert between fiat and cryptocurrencies quickly and securely. The team behind Streamity recognizes that there are currently numerous cryptocurrency exchanges available but notices major flaws with them, such as high commission fees, a lack of security, and difficulty of use. To address this issue, Streamity has minimal commissions and offers the fair market prices for exchanges.


What Are the Advantages of Streamity Over Other Exchanges?

Streamity uses the StreamDesk platform, which is comfortable and easy to use, making it straightforward for experts, beginners, and everyone in between to convert currencies. If an issue or concern does arise, technical support is available 24/7 from Streamity, ready to answer your questions and resolve problems. The service also has a large scale without limits thanks to its worldwide presence.

Compared to other exchanges, using StreamDesk allows you to save money when buying or selling cryptocurrencies. This savings comes from a lack of hidden fees, the low commission, and the fixed rates.

There are also security benefits for both the purchaser and seller of cryptocurrency with StreamDesk. The cryptocurrency of the seller is blocked using a smart contract. When the fiat money enters the seller’s account, the payment system sends a signal to open up the smart contract, and the purchaser will receive the cryptocurrency. For added security, if the buyer does not send the fiat money to the account of the seller within a given time, the smart contract gets opened, sending the cryptocurrency back to the seller so they do not lose money from fraud.

What Exactly Is StreamDesk?

StreamDesk is the peer-to-peer platform crucial to Streamity and is a decentralized application. In this platform, both of the parties are individuals, and you will not find any direct comparison with conventional institutions since no banks are involved; instead, the currencies go between individuals without any financial institutions involved and taking a cut of the money.

Stream Desk

StreamDesk is based on blockchain technology and should appeal to users because of its favorable transaction terms and security. Because the entire process is remote, time management becomes simple.

What Are Key Features of StreamDesk?

As mentioned, with Streamity, the team aims to tackle some of the problems with current cryptocurrency exchanges, such as volatility, high commissions, and questionable security at times. The use of smart contracts provides added security to Streamity and StreamDesk. Streamity also follows KYC policy and principles associated with fair partnership, making the operations completely legal, something that some other exchanges lack in certain markets.

Streamdesk Features

Users will appreciate the minimal commissions, which may not even include any fees and fiat currency. The cryptocurrency commissions can be as small as zero and max out at 2 percent, letting users save money. For further savings, StreamDesk offers a fair service with the cryptocurrency value set as close to the current exchange rate as possible. In fact, the system automatically sets the average market value based on information from major exchanges.

Those of all skill levels will appreciate the convenience and simplicity of StreamDesk, as well as the freedom for the crypto community. After all, neither cryptocurrencies nor fiat currencies are blocked with the platform, letting it work legally in most areas.

How Is Streamity More Than Just an Exchange?

Instead of only offering cryptocurrency exchange services, Streamity also contributes to the advancement of security in the crypto community. It provides information and technological resources for blockchain technology, assisting the community as a whole. The key aspects will include data processing, investment, and educational services.

Streamity Advantages

Specifically, Streamity provides analyses, news, educational resources, and investment resources. Each of these is in its own business environment. The eventual goal is to create a portal with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. It will have high-quality analyses, ideas, and news in a single personal account, along with the option of unique training courses from experts. There will also be forums featuring token remuneration.

What Should You Know About the STM Token and ICO?

The STM tokens are part of the Ethereum platform and meet the ERC 20 standard. The number of tokens is strictly limited to just 186 million, and no more will be issued in the future. Once that many tokens are sold, the ICO will be finished, with no more collection phases to take place.

Investors can buy the token using BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, EUR, or USD. The token is valued at $0.20, and distribution will be proportional to the number of investments during the ICO campaign, accounting for rewards and bonuses.

Streamity Token Sale

The pre-ICO lasts from Jan. 22 to 28, 2018. During this time, 20 million STM will be available at a 30 percent discount with a pre-ICO target of $2.8 million USD. The token sale begins on March 12 with a 20 percent discount on day 1 and 15 percent discount for the rest of phase 1 (up to March 25). There will be 100 million tokens available during this phase. Phase 2 will have a 10 percent discount and last from April 16 to 29.

Why Should You Buy the STM Token?

The STM token is the key to using Streamity and taking advantage of its benefits. To make acquiring or selling STM tokens simpler, they will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges following the ICO. Token holders also take advantage of minimal risk because the rates for the token are protected by reserves of both fiat and STM tokens.

Those who have more than 1,250 STM will get additional privileges, including reduced commissions when using the StreamDesk platform.

What Does the Roadmap Look Like?

The Streamity project idea began in May 2017, with the prototype of the StreamDesk finished by August of that year. The ICO will take place during the first quarter of 2018, as will the launch of StreamDesk. In the second quarter, the team will launch the Streamity resources for education and information.

Streamity Roadmap

The cryptocurrency converter will launch in the fourth quarter. The second quarter of 2019 will see the launch of the mobile Streamity version for Android and iOS, and the launch of the investment resource will occur in the fourth quarter of 2019.


While there are already many cryptocurrency exchanges available, Streamity seems to offer a nice alternative with its lower fees and fair market rates. The true advantage will come when the additional resources are launched and users will be able to get all the information they need in the same place as the exchange, streamlining the process of investing in cryptocurrency.

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