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SWITCH Token – A Top Gainer on Uniswap amid PEPE’s Memecoin Madness

Switch Reward Card is a blockchain-based financial services ecosystem. The blockchain is empowered by a global decentralized node network where node licensees will be rewarded, by the blockchain, with Switch Digital Rewards
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The SWITCH Token, which debuted on Uniswap in February saw a flurry of activity last week and on May 3rd was a Top Gainer on Uniswap, even among a crazy trading week where $PEPE, a memecoin dedicated to the popular frog meme, dominated crypto conversations.

Screenshot of Uniswap from May 3, 2023.
Uniswap May 3, 2023.

$SWITCH was also recently listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and per Historical Data on CoinMarketCap saw an average trading volume of $127,000 over the last 30 days and a 30 day Moving Average of $0.0077.   Over the last 30 days, $SWITCH saw an over 30% growth in # of wallet holders and currently has over 1,680 holders.

The SWITCH Token is minted on and by the Switch Blockchain as a digital reward for node owners who own and host node licenses that power the blockchain.

The SWITCH Token is an ERC-20 Token that has been bridged over to the Ethereum Network from the Native Switch Blockchain.   According to its Litepaper, SWITCH will have a Max Supply of 50 Billion Tokens and will add future reward-earning action items.

For more information about Switch Reward Card (the company), Switch Nodes and the rest of their blockchain-based financial ecosystem including the Switch Trading Platform and the Switch Card product, please visit

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