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How to Connect Real Investors and ICO Projects in Telegram with TelegramPromo?

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Today, when information flow reminds less of the structured library shelves and more of the raging waves of Pacific Ocean, it’s important for any business owner to provide fresh and precise information faster than the competitors draw the attention away from your project. And with all the means and platforms that give the opportunity to market harder, it’s easy to lose focus. However, TelegramPromo knows that with the right tools the only platform you truly require is Telegram. Having certain features of large social networks, uniting people through channels and groups, it still remains a simple and attractive messenger that allows to keep focus on most important things.


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Services of TelegramPromo can be generally described by three words that represent the aims of any promotion: Introduction – Informing – Interaction.

First, you need to introduce public to your project. We provide two services for that.

We have developed specific software to help up collect names and usernames from any Telegram group that is more appropriate for your needs. Using this database, we invite people to your group, populating it with up to 100,000 cryptoenthusiasts and future investors. We can narrow our search down to the region, language or even their potential to contribute to your project.

You can also choose more traditional approach of promotion. We have collected more than 300 top crypto-related Telegram channels and private groups, where we can advertise you effectively. The audience of those communities would be more inclined to take interest in your project due to the reputation of those groups and channels.

The second goal of any marketing campaign is to inform public about you.

You need to make sure that the audience is not left in the dark. We have the service just for that. We compile a message, that contains a short description of your project, links to your website and whitepaper and so on, and then we use our vast database to send this message to Telegram group members, raising awareness about you.

You can also take less direct approach. Our team can place information about your project in the largest crypto-related groups and engage their followers in conversations, carefully placing hidden messages to invest into your project’s success.

The third target of a good marketing campaign is to involve the existing following into the life of your project and to keep their interest.

We can ensure your group – which is a vital part of your image – stays active. For fruitful commenting in your Telegram group, our editors prepare scripts for acute dialogues and our community managers execute those deep questions and full answers to keep the conversation going and to engage more passive members of your community.

We also have service to watch over your community, providing 24/7 moderation of your Telegram group. After studying your project attentively, our community managers instigate discussions, give prominent replies to any questions that the audience might have and – of course – delete spam messages and deal with spammers and trolls. The activity in your group will not be white noise.

We provide the best of Telegram promotion services, since we are the longest to be on this market. Our strategies are effective due to their simplicity.

If you’re interested in working with us, please visit or email us at


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