Ternion Review: Cryptocurrency Exchange With Fiat Options & Margin Trading

Ternion Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia with a range of crypto purchase and trading options on offer.
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Ternion Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that has many options to offer on its plate.

Unlike some exchanges that focus solely on a single aspect of crypto trading, like leveraged margin trading, Ternion Exchange covers both bases with fiat options and crypto deposits.

They are licensed in Estonia and offer full compatibility with fiat deposits and withdrawals.

There are many crypto exchanges out there today. The world of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. If you are looking for an exchange that would offer you opportunities to earn from both deliverable trading and margin trading, Ternion Exchange is worth learning more about.

Before you decide on how you want to use an exchange, it is a good idea to understand the difference between changing coins, and trading on a margin to make a profit. We will take a look at all the ways that cryptos can be traded, but first, let’s look at Ternion Exchange.

Ternion Homepage
Ternion Homepage

Ternion Exchange

The most basic way to buy cryptos is with what Ternion Exchange calls Deliverable Trading.

You can deposit fiat currency or cryptos, and then trade directly with other crypto owners to obtain the tokens that you would like to own. It is easy to deposit fiat currency via SWIFT or SEPA, or even a credit card, and then start putting your crypto portfolio together.

If you want to speculate on the movement of token prices, Ternion Exchange also has you covered with leveraged trading. When you use leverage, you will set aside a small amount of fiat currency or cryptos, and then use a much larger amount of money to trade with.

The goal of leveraged trading is to make a much larger return by using more money than you have and banking the profits from the position. For example, if you only have $500 USD, but you want to trade with a $10,000 USD position size, leveraged trading will allow you to do that.

Deliverable Trading

Deliverable Trading makes sense for anyone who wants to invest in cryptos for the long-haul. When you buy or sell tokens with Ternion Exchange’s Deliverable Trading platform, you will be limited to using the funds that you have on deposit with the exchange, and nothing more.

Ternion Exchange doesn’t buy or sell any assets directly. Instead, the exchange acts as a clearinghouse for trader-to-trader transactions. The digital assets that you buy on Ternion, you will receive the private keys to the tokens, or the ability to withdraw fiat currency via either SWIFT or SEPA.

Web Trading
Ternion’s Web Trading Interface

If you plan to use fiat currency with Ternion, you will have to go through an ID verification process that any reputable exchange that deals in fiat currency uses. All customer’s data is thoroughly encrypted. Most often, the verification takes up to 30 minutes.

For crypto-to-crypto transactions, the process of withdrawing digital assets is very simple. Once you buy the tokens and the transaction is confirmed, you can then move them to any hardware or software wallet you own.

Margin Trading

If you want to speculate on the direction of token prices, but don’t need to have the actual crypto that you are trading delivered, margin trading is the way to go. Ternion Exchange allows traders to use leverage of up to 100x on some token pairs, which means that you can use 100 times the amount of money that you have on deposit in your account.

The actual amount of leverage that can be used on a given token pair will vary, and it isn’t necessarily a smart idea to use 100x leverage (more on that below). Margin trading is also much easier to qualify for, as traders who don’t need to deposit or withdraw fiat currency only have to supply some basic information to start trading.

Ternion Exchange offers a range of trading platforms as well. This is a great feature and really sets the company apart from other exchanges that force users to use a proprietary trading platform that may not be as easy to use as industry-standard platforms.

Here are the trading platforms that Ternion Exchange offers:

  • Web Trading terminal
  • Mobile MT5 for Android/IOS
  • WEB MT5
  • MT5 for Windows
  • REST API/WebSocket

Institutional customers can opt for these platforms:

  • PrimeXM

Why Choose a Standard Trading Platform?

If you do not need to run a lot of orders simultaneously and make a deep technical analyse of charts it is better to use basic web trading.

But for professional speculators designed more powerful trading stations with a lot of features. Anyone who is new to the world of leveraged trading might not know much about platforms like MT5.

Until cryptos came along, most leveraged trading was limited to FOREX, then it became popular for stock exchanges, and now it is adapted for crypto’s as well.

MetaTrader 4

Ternion Exchange Fees

The exchange fees at Ternion are in-line with the rest of the industry, and for leveraged traders, are more attractive than fiat-only CFD brokers.

Here are some of the basic fees at Ternion Exchange (please check with the company for current fee data):

  • Marker Fee: The exchange pays 0.03% a limit Maker order when executed
  • Taker Fee: The exchange charges 0.08% for Taker orders
  • Swap fees: Swap fees only apply to margin trading on the exchange and are charged four times a day at – 00.00, 6.00, 12.00 and 18.00 (UTC)

Fiat deposit/withdrawals are subject to limits based on the level of verification an account has. Please see the Ternion Exchange website for the latest information on account limits.

Fiat deposit fees

Wire transfer (SEPA)10 EUR + 0.1%
Wire transfer (SWIFT)30 EUR + 0.1%


UnverifiedVerification 1 *Verification 2
Fiat deposit:daily
Crypto deposit:daily
Fiat withdrawal:daily
Crypto withdrawal:daily


Ternion Exchange has created a good exchange business model that will satisfy the needs of just about any crypto trader or investor. The fiat payments are licensed in Estonia, which helps to give it more credibility than exchanges that don’t carry any sort of license.

One of the best parts about Ternion is that it has so many options for traders in just one account. It supports fiat deposits and withdrawals and also offers easy to access crypto-to-crypto trading service. Institutional traders may also like that Ternion offers a range of professional options, which isn’t the most common thing to find in the crypto markets.

Every trader could invite friends and get rewards using affiliate program. No additional registration needed, invitation codes are provided in the private area.

If you want to learn more about Ternion Exchange or sign up for an account, check out the website by clicking right here. No matter what your crypto investment or speculation goals are, it is likely that Ternion can help you.

Important Note: There have been reports of scammers approaching companies via Telegram, LinkedIn and Other Social platforms purporting to represent Blockonomi and offer advertising offers. We will never approach anyone directly. Please always make contact with us via our contact page here.


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