Terra Virtua Publishes Waitlist for Hashmasks Owners To Bring Their Art To Life As A vFlect

The waitlist for anyone who wants to license their Hashmask to Terra Virtua vFlects is now open. vFlects are a digital collectable.
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The waitlist for anyone who wants to license their Hashmasks to Terra Virtua from which to create a vFlects is now open.vFlects™ are a 3D animated avatar, conceptualised by NFT Marketplace and ecosystem, Terra Virtua. This popular in-house brand of digital collectibles often takes on other brands or personalities but this is the first time they will be wearing artwork and, what’s more, the Hashmasks owner will also earn royalties from the vFlects that are created and then sold.. This kind of structure is appealing to collectors, but also to speculators who think that vFlects will rise in value.

The vFlect IP is very popular, so much so that they often sell out within 24 hours of being released.  When Terra Virtua announced this exciting venture back in January 2021, they hosted a live exhibition in the Terra Virtua Virtual Art Gallery withThe Hashmasks team which can be viewed by following this link. With NFT-backed art on the rise as both a collectible and investment, this new series of vFlects will likely find buyers that are happy to enter the market.

Hashmasks x Terra Virtua Join a Powerful Movement

There are more than 16,000 Hashmasks, and the new structure that allows owners to earn a royalty from the vFlect collection could make these collectibles a trendsetter.

In this new issuance, there will be 73 new Hashmasks hitting the market each time a new Hashmask vFlect is dropped. With such low numbers, if the series becomes popular, prices could rise substantially from the original levels.

There is a range of rarities that are in the series, and the levels are as follows (figures are per week, and are quoted in USD):

  • Platinum – 1 – $7,500
  • Golden – 3 – $2,000
  • Mythical – 9 – $500
  • Legendary – 20 – $200
  • Special – 40 – $75

These artworks will be joining a thriving market for digital collectibles that are freely owned by their buyers, and are becoming more popular all the time.

The NFT Boom is Growing

2021 may go down in history as the year of the NFT.

There has been no shortage of interest in NFTs, with billionaires like Mark Cuban talking up the digital assets, and creating new ways to use the tokens. Not only does he see them in a commercial sense, Cuban also supports their use as a form of art.

Famed film director Kevin Smith recently released a movie on an NFT and is very excited about the space.

He thinks it is fun, and it makes him feel youthful again. This move by Smith may also spur others to do something similar, and help to revise the existing Hollywood distribution model.

To wit,

“I was like, ‘Well, that sounds fun. Wouldn’t that be more fun than trying to go out there and shop it from studio to studio, distributor to distributor, as per usual?’”

With so many big names getting involved in NFTs, the amount of time it takes to create major global market penetration may be far less than it took with cryptocurrencies, which didn’t have loads of celebs promoting them in the early days.

There are many advantages to digital art. Unlike physical art, which can be hard to transport, or has a limited number of buyers, digital art has a global audience.

Terra Virtua is Helping the NFT Space Reach New People

Terra Virtua is creating opportunities for numerous forms of art to reach collectors across the planet. The platform is home to many kinds of NFTs – from digitally created works such as vFlects, to existing works that are entering the digital space for the first time.

While the move into NFTs has been fast, there does appear to be lasting value in the sector. Like any market, it is a good idea to research the items you plan to buy before spending any money, so you understand how to stay safe.


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