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The Bitcoin Tide Raises all Boats – So Why Not Invest in the Fleet?

Invictus Capital has multiple funds to take advantage of all that lies ahead for the crypto market.
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JMP Securities believes that blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem could be “the biggest innovation of our lifetime” – and they’re not the only institution taking a very bullish stance on crypto.

A poll conducted by Fidelity Digital Assets asked 800 institutional investors about their investments into digital assets, of which 36% stated they had invested in some form. This proportion is noticeably greater than in this time last year. What’s more, it shows there is still massive potential for further institutional adoption, and that the best may still be to come.

Invictus Capital has multiple funds to take advantage of all that lies ahead for the crypto market. Two of our metaphorical Swiss Army knife funds are the Crypto10 (C10) and Crypto20 (C20) index funds, both providing investors with broad exposure to crypto. Index funds have a plethora of advantages, including; diversification, improved risk-adjusted returns, and low fees. The crypto market is inherently volatile and ever-changing, making staying up to date a cumbersome task. Invictus Capital’s index funds were created with these issues in mind. Through our dedicated client portal, you can invest in a crypto index knowing that you are getting a diversified portfolio without the hassle of individual purchases. There are still other considerations to consider before investing. When to invest? How can you be sure you’ll get a return worth bragging about? Which index funds should you invest in?

The first question has a straightforward answer and comes in the form of a quote from a famous financial advisor, Nick Murray: “Timing the market is a fool’s game, whereas time in the market is your greatest natural advantage.” It’s more important to be in the market than it is to time your entry point perfectly. This quote is especially true for a rapidly changing and growing crypto market. Although Invictus can never guarantee a return, one can look at our stellar four-year track record. The Chinese philosopher Confucius said: “Study the past if you would define the future.” The Invictus C10 and C20 funds have returned 546% and 746% over the past 12-months, respectively. Current market factors are looking bullish. This month, the crypto market cap surpassed $3 trillion for the first time, whilst both Bitcoin and Ethereum reached all-time highs. Most smaller coins by market cap still have room to grow, and Bitcoin is still below JP Morgan analysts’  long-term price prediction of $146,000. The current market dip offers a great opportunity to enter the market at an attractive price level.

We believe that index funds, such as our C10 and C20 funds, are suited to seasoned crypto veterans or first-timers alike, and that there is no time like the present!

To take the next step in your crypto journey, create your account here, visit our website for more information, or schedule a call with one of our dedicated Fund Specialists, Tom and Ivor.

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