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The Dark Horse of Crypto

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Partnership with Cure World Cosplay brings the revelation of the untapped potential in the cosplay industry. In an unprecedented move, Mo Works decided to work with the team at Cure WorldCosplay to reveal Cosplay Token (COT) to the crypto market and beyond.


The cosplay industry is a whole new experience for the team at Mo Works and despite the initial reservations taking on this project, the team started to realise the size of this closed niche.

After deeper exploration, Mo Works found that the cosplay community is vibrant and growing with people who are passionate about their craft. It is a community that is supportive and protective to the standards set within the industry itself.

Akin to the crypto community three to four years ago, cosplay is an untapped market with a thriving community that is worth over 45 billion USD.

Some of the cosplay events including Anime Festival Asia, Japan Expo and Comic Con to name a few, bring more than 100,000 enthusiasts to it. To give you a comparison, Consensus was the biggest crypto event which gathered more than 9,000 people a few months ago in New York.

From ongoing feedback and communication with cosplayers and fans we have found that the cosplay community is faced with 5 major challenges which include:

  • Not having a settlement account
  • Lack of transparency in trust and evaluation
  • Sharing of content revenue
  • Values yet to be actualised
  • Globalisation of information and its accuracy

As the leading pioneer in the industry, Cure WorldCosplay has a working product (think instagram) with more than 720,000 loyal users, sharing over 6.5 million photos. This provides them leverage in this niche market and by introducing the first cryptocurrency to the market, they are promising to provide solutions which include:

  • Transparency
  • Monetisation
  • Increase exposure and connection
  • Protection from harassment
  • Copyright
  • Globalisation

Aiming to resolve the issues surrounding the cosplay community, Cosplay Token is working closely with Bancor to create the Cure Protocol which will allow cosplayers to create and distribute their own personalised token with COT. This unique feature will bring power back to cosplayers, enabling them to monetise themselves easily among many other benefits.

As of now, COT ICO is being hosted by QRYPTOS, and post ICO will be listed on the QRYPTOS exchange. COT will also be listed on the Bancor Network to provide liquidity post ICO too. If you are looking for your dark horse project, this could be your one.

To find out more about this project, visit and get in touch with Mo Works Creative Agency as your ICO marketing partner today.

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