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The Next Big Thing in DeFi: How ProjectStarter Is Dominating In The Emerging Launchpad Scene

Crypto launchpads are a new concept, but analysts say they have an immense value proposition for the growth of the digital asset market.
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In the world of blockchain, rug pulls and dishonest operators occasionally get away with more than those who act honestly.

Despite the bear market, ProjectStarter, an up-and-coming cryptocurrency launchpad based in Singapore, is turning the narrative on its head and proving everyone wrong in the cryptoverse.

In good company

Their innovative release plans and commitment to making NFTs and token pre-sales available to investors and enthusiasts alike make this unique cryptocurrency project stand out. The founders of the company are all well-known and verified, which sets it apart from other launchpads that operate in secrecy.

ProjectStarter’s “PulSaR Crypto Hub” environment has already attracted a sizable number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to the numerous practical utilities it offers investors and enthusiasts.

“We are the first crypto hub in the world with a complete and stackable ecosystem and real-world application for our token holders,” claims Gary Liu, Chief Strategic Officer.

The three pillars

Our PSR token can be used for more than just staking for access to IDO pre-sales. It can also be used in a multifaceted ecosystem that is supported by three solid utility pillars,” Liu adds.

The first pillar of the project is “Wealth Accumulation,” which offers a high yield return on investment of 20 to 50% in its stable coin.

The second pillar includes “Crypto Commerce,” which features the first fiat-enabled NFT marketplace as well as a 3D Art Gallery with HNI NFT Art Pieces.

Our third pillar is “Lifestyle & Entertainment,” which includes free access to unique travel privileges and invitations to events organized by our team and strategic partners,” says Liu.

Quality over quantity

Crypto launchpads are a new concept, but analysts say they have an immense value proposition for the growth of the digital asset market.

The current crypto launchpad has some unique features. To begin with, in order to be eligible for a guaranteed allocation in the IDOs, a user must purchase and stake a number of Launchpad Tokens (PSR Tokens).

ProjectStarter offers a three-round allocation model because we believe that everyone deserves a fair opportunity to succeed in the crypto industry,” CEO Duke Lim said.

ProjectStarter has a robust verification procedure, which serves as a blocker for dubious projects.

Our team has implemented a stringent and rigorous vetting process that thoroughly vets projects before they are accepted and placed on the platform,” Lim adds. “When it comes to introducing these new initiatives to the community, we always prioritize quality above quantity.

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