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TokenGo Conducts Successful Crowdsale for Business Tokenization

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Blockchain technology, decentralized systems, and the ICO procedure as a modern analogue of IPO, fills market with list of advanced solutions for emerging companies as well as companies with extensive experience. At the same time, not every entrepreneur, or even the founder of a strong company, who is interested in ICO, is able to prepare a process sufficiently qualitative for the successful implementation of the investment ICO-campaign.

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Due to the vigorous growth of ICO projects, the question of existence unified environment, providing entrepreneurs with all the required necessary tools, arose acutely. However, there is definitely lack of solution, meeting business requests, such as a modern, advanced platform to ensure accessible, effective solution for business tokenization and ICO project’s support.

Сoncept of multifunctional blockchain platform for business by TokenGo

Taking into account the fact of market demand for aforementioned solutions, founders of the TokenGo platform worked out a concept of their multifunctional blockchain-based platform for business tokenization. Why multifunctional? TokenGo platform was created to provide something more than a tool for ICO procedure development. To illustrate let me list some of already exiting modules: unique Smart Contract Builder, Landing page framework, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Dashboard for campaigns statistic and workflow tools. In addition, platform intends to form strong community of crypto-enthusiasts through the fair reward system. For instance, participants would receive internal cryptocoin GoCoin as a reward for contribution in platform elaboration, support, promotion and so on.

Integration of business into the crowdfunding blockchain platform TokenGo will simplify the process of ICO and investment attraction. For business, platform will provide full transparency of financial transactions, instant transfers and payments around the world, and accounting automation. To the backers, participation in project ensures that the investing risks of their funds in the ICO projects would be minimized. And for ordinary users TokenGo will implement a fair reward system, it means, that each of them will receive platform coins for their activity. Thus, the founders of the platform are going to create an entire ecosystem, where each member of the community will contribute to platform’s ecosystem.

TokenGo ecosystem key figure

No doubt, that today market certainly needs sufficient platform not only for investment procedure, but also an ecosystem providing diligence and unity of the community including reward conditions and possibilities for equitable stimulation of activity. TokenGo ecosystem meets all these requirements, fully ensuring economic and social processes to guarantee profits and results achieving for all participants.

Components of the TokenGo ecosystem

Each component of the TokenGo ecosystem provides to its users certain capabilities. The blockchain network of platform is based on internal development, and through a simple TokenGo API, any application can get an access to all functionality of the blockchain. TokenGo web-platform within the unique dashboard offers all the significant information about preparing and ongoing ICO-projects at the platform. Voting harvester will allow to receive a fair reward for user’s contribution to the ecosystem. Internal cryptocurrency exchange with the personal account will simplify and accelerate the process of generating revenue for the user. TokenGo ICO landing page builder will help ICO founders to flexibly configure and quickly integrate their website in TokenGo web platform. Advanced settings of Smart Contract builder will simplify process of its creation, allowing to make it quickly and easily.


However, without active community, ecosystem components will not function properly, and existence of the platform will be disrupted. On the other hand, the participants will not be able to fully realize their activity without having all the components of the TokenGo platform.

Participation Options of TokenGo ecosystem

Delegates and Miners, through the process of minting (mining analogue in TokenGo) or voting, would extract GoCoin platform’s coins. GoPower holders, with the continuously growing cost, due to limited emissions and special opportunities, would be eligible to take part in GoCoin minting and voting. Authors using TokenGo platform’s framework to create news, articles, comments, reviews would receive for their activity reward in form of GoCoins. Curators who participate in voting on the author’s content would be also involved in the fair distribution of GoCoin. ICO founders would get an opportunity to perform offering procedure within TokenGo platform, while simultaneously informing the community about the project and it’s features. Investors in their dashboards would get access to all ICO-projects of the platform, which guarantees minimization of investing risks in those projects.


Current stage of the project: Ongoing Pre-ICO of the TokenGo platform

To implement plans of development such a huge platform, requiring significant investment, it can be only one effective source of their receipt – ICO procedure. At this moment, it is going Pre-Sale stage of the GoPower (GPT) project token. However, it’s only a few days left (until February 10, 2018) to take a part in the Pre-ICO, and to contribute the development of the TokenGo project. At the same time, buying GPT tokens, investors will have an opportunity to either sell further tokens at one of the exchanges to generate revenue, or implement various activities within the platform.

It should be noted, that GPT tokens Pre-Sale stage offers rather profitable conditions. Thus, a token is offered for sale at a price of 0.00057143 ETH. Also during the entire Pre-Sale, investors would get a bonus of 50% added. During the next ICO stages, bonuses would be decreased from 30% to 5%. There is total amount of 600 million GPT tokens for sale, and more than 1.75 million have already been sold at the Pre-ICO stage. Thus, the SoftCap preset at 1000 ETH is almost passed (it was sold more than 940 ETH).

For more details about the project and its key features, for participation in the Pre-Sale and ICO today kindly visit TokenGo platform’s official website, where you can get acquainted with Whitepaper, or visit Social Networks.


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