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Tosdis Finance – The First Network to Introduce DeFi as a Service

Tosdis is the first decentralized network that operates across different blockchains, paving the way to mass adoption.
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The DeFi sector saw massive growth throughout 2020.

In Q1 2020, it managed to lock in over $1 billion, and by the end of September that value reached over $10 billion.

With the bull run that it had, it’s no wonder that the popularity of DeFi skyrocketed, with many crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs jumping in. At the same time, 2020 also saw an increase in coins launched using a PoS protocol, since crypto mining became too difficult and too expensive for many users.

And now, projects like Tosdis Finance are here to put the two together, providing DeFi as a service.

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What is Tosdis Finance?

Tosdis is the first decentralized network that operates across different blockchains, paving the way to mass adoption.

Through their product, the Tosdis Finance team allows crypto users to stake their preferred cryptocurrency across a variety of blockchains, including Polkadot, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Chainlink, and more.

Created in the 2nd quarter of 2020, the Tosdis Finance team is quickly punching through their milestones, with their project being ready for deployment by the end of 2020, and planning to release staking-as-a-service for BSC and Polkadot in Q1 2021.

Staking-as-a-Service explained

But what exactly is staking-as-a-service, and how can it help crypto enthusiasts?

Well, think of it as an upgraded version of the Proof of Stake protocol. While PoS allowed users to stake coins on a specific blockchain, staking-as-a-service will allow users to stake coins across a variety of platforms.

Tosdis EasyStake is a high-speed low-cost network that connects to any ERC-20 tokens, where projects will be able to allow their users to stake tokens in return for rewards. The network is powered by the TosdiS Token, with the fees paid by the platform going directly into the deflation mechanism that burns tokens.

This way, the project will be able to operate sustainably and will be able to guarantee a long-term use for the TosdiS token.

Integrating Liquid Staking into DeFi

Besides providing staking-as-a-service, the Tosdis Finance team also plans to further develop the DeFi sector by implementing liquid staking. This will group the users’ staking assets based on the projects they participate in, allowing them to use their assets on various financial products at the same time.

Once a user chose the digital asset and the blockchain he wants to use in staking, he will be given a derivative to trade across multiple blockchains, giving them more freedom to manage their assets in an easy and secure manner.

Besides giving users more financial freedom, liquid staking will also help the DeFi sector grow further by locking in more funds and by accelerating the sector’s innovation.

The benefits of using Tosdis EasyStake

By far, one of the main benefits of accessing their service is their long-term yield. The staking mechanism works pretty much like a savings account – the longer you stake on the network, the higher your rewards will be.

Furthermore, with the help of liquid staking, users crypto holders will be able to more easily, safely, and efficiently manage their assets and help to further improve the DeFi sector.

In early 2021, the team also plans to release Yield Farming as a service, empowering projects to help their users earn yields by farming ERC20 tokens.

More so, the platform will also introduce Liquid Staking for various PoS coins, which will give users a way to tokenize their assets and access DeFi more easily.

To stay up to date with all the project’s developments, make sure to follow them across their social media channels:


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