Press Releases ICO: Next Generation Financial Institution Based on Blockchain Technology

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Next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology and peer to peer trading exchange that will disrupt the existing financial status quo.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

18 October 2017, Zug Switzerland

A whole ecosystem of banks, advisors, markets, and record keepers are extracting enormous fees and can be  disintermediated and commoditized by more efficient peer to peer blockchain platforms. democratizes the markets and saves money for investors and companies through reducing and eliminating the tremendous fees and inefficiencies by utilizing its innovative blockchain trading platform. The exchange not only supports trading of multiple asset classes, but a more efficient listing of assets in the crypto economy under the indelible & trusted history that the blockchain provides. couples this with its investment banking and advisory expertise and operates in a regulated and supervisory compliant environment. is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland and is proud to present its experienced team in FinTech, finance, trading and investment banking. Our management team is not only experienced in finance and trading, but has also led tech companies, startups, consulting firms, and been senior management at public companies including NASDAQ. Our team hold multiple securities licenses in the US and Globally, including compliance and supervisory and have extensive experience with regulatory filings and requirements. is also introducing its pioneering peer-to-peer trading platform, where participants can share in the profits of the exchange. P2P participants will be able to purchase TradeTokens or “TIO” through their e-wallet or in our upcoming utility token ICO to participate in the forthcoming liquidity pool and potentially receive pro-rata daily disbursements of up to 50% of the pool’s profits based on performance. This P2P shared liquidity pool, in which participants share in the pool’s performance will be innovative and unique to the industry. Ultimately, the transactional records of the liquidity pool participation will be blockchain based as well.

Jim Preissler, CEO of stated “this is not just about distributed technology… it’s about distributed wealth…Blockchain technology allows us to achieve the vision of distributed wealth through our peer-to-peer shared liquidity pool. Historically, the revenue streams which are hidden from the typical investor are the real profit engine of brokerages. We intend to seed the liquidity pool with approximately $50 million cash, as well as 50 million TradeTokens. All participants will share 50/50 from our seed contribution as well. The time has come where people take back control of capital markets and reject the status quo.”

Award winning FXPRIMUS & Primus Capital Markets UK Ltd. are officially venturing parties of by being early adopters of the forthcoming platform and technologies. FXPRIMUS & Primus Capital Markets UK Ltd. will be one of the few regulated brokers to potentially adopt blockchain based systems, integrating legacy systems to the new world of the blockchain. Ultimately, will be a trading platform for not only crypto assets but also Forex and CFD’s over precious metals, oils, commodities, index’s and global equities and any number of potential assets.

Trade IO Interface

Additionally, we will build out the Investment Bank and expand compliance and operations to support and execute the exchange within a regulated environment. We intend to substantially lower both the costs and barriers required to go public. Overall, we intend to lower the upfront listings costs, which include the investment banking fees, by over 80% below traditional models. This is achieved by utilizing the recording keeping of the Blockchain and lowering the commissions. Finally, our Seed & Venture Fund will help support the platform, investing in complementary blockchain technologies as well as companies looking to list assets on the exchange.

ICO Details

The company is now offering up to 275 million TradeTokens, which are available to purchase in the ICO from 7 December until 4 January 2018.

  • Tiered Pricing Structur
  • Dec 7th 09:00 CET – Dec 14th 08:59 CET 1 ETH = 900
  • Dec 14th 09:00 CETDec 21st 08:59 CET 1 ETH = 800
  • Dec 21st 09:00 CETDec 28th 08:59 CET 1 ETH = 700
  • Dec 28th 09:00 CETJan 4th 08:59 CET 1 ETH = 600

Trade IO Token

Please visit to sign up for information on our upcoming ICO.

About democratizes the financial markets and saves money for investors and companies through reducing and eliminating fees and inefficiencies by utilising its innovative Blockchain trading platform. Disrupting a whole ecosystem of banks, advisors, markets, and record keepers which are extracting fees and can be disintermediated and commoditised by more efficient peer-to-peer Blockchain platforms. The exchange not only supports trading of assets, but supports a more efficient listing of assets in the crypto economy under the indelible and trusted history that Blockchain provides. The company couples these operational assets with investment banking experience, senior advisory expertise, as well as operating their system in a regulated and compliant environment.

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