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Trading Learning Made Accessible: New Demo Platform for Trading by Aladdin Exchange

Aladdin’s new demo trading feature allows users to create and use a demo account without the need to make any kind of deposit.
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It’s been a few years and in such a short period, the brand named Aladdin Exchange has thrived in the crypto trading world. This platform constantly surprises users with innovations, upgrades, and promotions. One of their latest offers is the soon-to-be demo trading platform.

Aladdin’s new demo trading feature allows users to create and use a demo account without the need to make any kind of deposit. This minimizes the risks and eliminates financial losses and therefore boosts confidence in trading experience.

The company has created this promotion as a training opportunity for new users. It will show beginning traders what real trading looks like, providing them with demo coins as a virtual balance.

Thanks to the immersive, simple-to-use features and tools in this offer, new traders can test different strategies and get some experience to use when they’re ready for the real thing.

How does this work, you might wonder?

To use this excellent option, you simply need to create an account on the site or log in if you already have one. Look for the ‘Start Demo Trading’ button under the Support Center tab. For starters, users get a demo balance of 1000 USDT, 1 BTC, 1 ETH, 10 BCH, 10 LTC, 1000 ABBC, 10000 TNC, 100 GERA, 1000 PLF, 1000 HMR, 1000 CHLT that they can use to trade. These are demo trading coins that can only be used for this demo trading purpose.

After logging in, you’ll get access to the main trading chart, pairing list, market trades, order book, as well as the transactions history. If you feel like you’re ready to do some actual trading with real money, you can simply switch between this account and the real trading account at any time.

Naturally, if you were successful in the demo version that doesn’t indicate that you’ll get the same results in the real version – and vice versa. This is only done for practice purposes, to help you better understand the platform and trading world in general.

Aladdin’s demo trading feature is already attracting the interest of expert traders, not just beginners. They can use it to test out new strategies and ideas, and experiment without financial risk.

Aladdin’s team has introduced this to help new traders be comfortable with crypto trading, along with its platform. They also noted that the team is continuously developing new strategies to provide an enhanced trading experience for their customers.

With over 2 million users at the moment, it sure looks like we can expect great things from this brand.

If you are interested in the demo version by Aladdin, you can find more information on the official website, users can visit:


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