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TRON CEO Justin Sun to Speak at Samsung Developer Conference

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The news that TRON CEO Justin Sun will speak at the 2019 Samsung Developer Conference has set tongues wagging in the crypto community, as speculation about what he might discuss picks up.

Samsung’s interest in blockchain has grown rapidly in recent times, with a cryptocurrency wallet included in their flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone, released earlier this year. The handset supports decentralized apps and contactless payments using crypto, and Samsung SDS was just named as Korea’s representative blockchain operator by Forrester, a global IT advisory group.


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Sun’s appearance aside, the tech giant’s interest in all things blockchain is sure to be a topic of discussion at the conference, which takes place in San Jose on October 29-30.

Samsung and Sun: An Imminent Alliance?

Perhaps it’s no surprise, given Samsung’s recent support for crypto products, that Justin Sun has been announced as a keynote speaker. The outspoken 29-year-old entrepreneur, who founded blockchain gaming platform TRON two years ago and also heads up BitTorrent, will dissect real-world use cases of blockchain tech at the event. Might there be some kind of partnership between TRON and Samsung on the horizon, some wonder.

It’s not the most outlandish suggestion in the world. A recent report by AnChain painted TRON in a positive light where dApps are concerned, indicating that 70% of unique accounts in the top 10 dApps were humans, not bots. Moreover, TRON’s user base has recently topped 3.5 million. Samsung could turn some heads by partnering with the edgy blockchain evangelist, and show that they are in this space for the long run.

Speaking of dApps, Samsung recently added 13 new applications to its official Blockchain Keystore, taking the total figure to 17. Might Samsung view Sun, who has overseen 400+ dApps built on TRON, as the person to bootstrap their own fledgling ecosystem? Whatever you think of the TRON founder, he’s a first-rate publicist, with a legendary ability to whip up a storm of interest in whatever his latest obsession happens to be.

Of course, we may be getting ahead of ourselves. Justin Sun’s invitation could be nothing more than a case of Samsung attempting to generate publicity – a virtually guaranteed outcome given the TRON chief’s profile in the cryptosphere.

Tron Keeps on Trucking

The news of Sun’s appearance at the Samsung Developer Conference comes little over a week since cryptocurrency exchange Binance voted itself into becoming the highest-ranked Super Representative on the TRON network, an outcome gleefully shared by Sun on Twitter. The exchange now controls 18% of the platform’s circulating supply of 66.68 billion TRX, with some claiming the move has deleteriously affected the network’s decentralization. Those same accusations could be fielded against many of the assets Binance holds under lock and key, however, such is the might of the world’s largest exchange.

It’s possible that Justin Sun will do little more than utter a few pleasantries about Samsung before speaking vaguely about the power of cryptocurrencies when he takes to the stage in San Jose in late October. Given the TRON supremo’s track record, however, you wouldn’t want to bet against him making a big announcement and finishing with a mic drop.


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