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Truwho ICO: A Single Online ID that Protects Your Identity

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Truwho aims to provide a solution that allows for protection and verification online, specifically by providing users with a single online ID to protect their identity. Users can get a TruID to use as a way to verify their identity, and the official ICO begins in mid-October.


What Is a TruID?

A TruID is free and provides you with a verified status. You can then use the TruID to log in securely without any need to send private information to third parties, so you do not need to reveal your identity. You get to choose what information you share, deleting or hiding anything you want via the portal. TruID works globally, so you do not have to worry about extra steps when working with international businesses. For security, TruIDs are protected via bank-level encryption. Essentially, TruID is a virtual identification that gives users complete control.

Just some of the information that can be displayed on your TruID include your name, email address(es), physical address, phone number, usernames, passport ID, driver’s license, and social security number. This information can either be displayed and verified or “Verified & Hidden.”

How Is Your TruID Customizable?

When you set up your TruID, you can create a public one that shows whichever data you choose to include. You can then generate additional IDs that display varying quantities of information, so you have one that strikes the perfect balance between protecting your privacy and delivering required information in every situation. There are five levels of verification, and you can quickly share your status with TruID for verification. It is also simple to add documents and information to your TruID.


For security, the default settings are only your ID and your verification status. This means that by default, other parties have no access to the additional information you enter, only the fact that it has been verified.

Verification Levels

There are five levels for verification, each of which enhances the strength of your TruID. As you move up to another level, you further prove your identity while building trust. You also get bonus WHO tokens as you complete each level. The levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.


Truwho Ecosystem

The Truwho ecosystem was created to improve upon the existing KYC systems. This ecosystem empowers customers while protecting and verifying their identity. Everything remains under your control via the private and secured TruID portal. The ecosystem has everything you need to use your TruID, including anonymous registration, private storage, and controls for data management. Everything is accessible online, so you can access it from anywhere. Every user also gets their own Dedicated Vault for the utmost security without sacrificing convenient access.

What Is the Vault?

Your personal Vault lets you store sensitive information, files, and documents, all using the highest security levels. The Vault uses end-to-end encryption to secure data, meaning that you are the only one who has access. There is 256-bit encryption on every file, as well as testing for security and third-party penetration. Truwho cannot even access the data. You can also categorize your data with the Vault, deleting or revoking it with ease.

Using the Vault, you can enhance your privacy by creating a temporary unique link that lets you share these secure data files with others. These links can include expiration dates and be either multiuse or one-time use. Sharing documents via these links in the Vault is secure thanks to the two-factor authentication codes and the ability to use time-sensitive self-destructing links to your files.

The Vault

All users get 1 GB of free storage in their Vault. The ability to buy more storage or upgrade to unlimited storage will be coming soon. There will also be future integration with other services, including Dropbox and Google Drive. The Vault also directly integrates with TruID, so it is easy to share files in the Vault via your TruID.

WHO Token

The WHO token is what powers the Truwho ecosystem. The token allows for transparency via the historical ledger. Thanks to the use of the Stellar network, transactions are nearly instant and free. They chose to use Stellar Lumens thanks to the perceived ability of that network to offer additional utility for mainstream consumers.

There is a total supply of 600 million WHO tokens, with 450 million available via the ICO. In addition to buying tokens during the ICO, you automatically receive tokens upon registering with Truwho. Those who achieve a higher level of verification receive more tokens for this process.

WHO Tokens

When using the WHO token, there are nearly instant transaction times thanks to the use of Stellar Lumens (XLM). Transactions just cost a fraction of a penny, while those who participate in the ICO get a prefunded XLM wallet with free transactions for life. Both partners (businesses) and users will utilize the WHO tokens, which serve many functions. There are also incentives to use WHO tokens via discounts.

How Can Businesses Use Truwho?

In addition to helping individuals, Truwho is ready to assist businesses. The company aims to make it easy for businesses to accept TruID. There are simple integrations that even those who are not tech-savvy can handle and do not require an account. Businesses easily create a public ID and create TruID links. Those who have the technical knowledge and want more, on the other hand, will find robust solutions that let you request any information you require from clients.

The onboarding process for Truwho is simple, including a signup bonus for new users plus a network that already has verified users. Truwho is also cost-effective. Thanks to the uniqueness of this reusable identity platform, Truwho gives partners low prices, both for KYC and fraud.

Is Truwho Secure?

Since Truwho involves sensitive information, the ecosystem makes security a priority. You can verify everything via the blockchain ledger and get to take advantage of bank-level encryption to know your information is safe. The platform also uses two-factor authentication for an added layer of security.


Truwho utilizes blockchain technology to provide users and businesses with a secure method of verifying identities without having to actually share the information. There is a full Truwho ecosystem that runs on WHO tokens, with the ICO about to start and the presale finishing up at the time of writing.

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