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Video Game Giant Ubisoft Joins Blockchain Game Alliance

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French video gaming company Ubisoft has joined the newly formed Blockchain Game Alliance consortium as an inaugural member, per reports from video game magazine MCV. The Alliance, which was announced on Friday at the Blockchain Game Summit held in France, seeks to develop common standards and practices for the use of blockchain technology in the gaming sector.

Ubisoft Blockchain Game Alliance

Among other stakeholders ably represented in the summit were blockchain powerhouse ConsenSys and a number of startups including Alto, Fig, Ultra, Gimli, and EverdreamSoft. The latter has been well-known for its use of blockchain tools in the domain of gaming and digital collectibles.

Blockchain Video Games

The breakthrough technology has been piped to open new portals for stakeholders in the ecosystem. The consortium, therefore, has been seen as a virtual platform both developers and players to pool knowledge and synergize to develop more innovative techniques for creating and playing games. Quoting the site:

“Convinced that this breakthrough technology brings numerous benefits to the whole ecosystem, from developers to players, we provide an open forum for all stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate on research that fosters new ways to create and play games,” Gimli had stated in a post.

“Our ultimate goal is to help spread the integration of Blockchain by developing common standards and best practices.”

Harnessing standards and practices within the ecosystem are perceived as a propeller for the usage of the blockchain.

Blockchain Games

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While sharing his views with MCV, the CEO of Ultra, Nicolas Gilot noted the consortium would pave the way for more flexibility in exchanging information while also giving room for more transparency which will be of benefit to stakeholders operating within the system.

“The Blockchain Game Alliance is advocating for a universal standard in the blockchain gaming space to create a more interoperable and transparent ecosystem, which will benefit stakeholders, by furthering innovation and ensuring economic viability.”

Ubisoft has been exploring ways of incorporating blockchain technology via its strategic innovation lab in recent months. Director of insights and trends for the lab Lidwine Sauer gave an insight about the lab’s focus on the world’s interaction with technology and how to replicate this intricate and delicate interaction in its games.


Sauer enthused on the uniqueness of blockchains going by the advantage it offers in possessing real digital collectibles that cannot be replicated. The comparative advantage of the blockchain was compared with a digital Picasso. “It’s a lot harder to steal something on the blockchain than a Picasso,” she had stated.

At the Blockchain Gamer Connects recently held in San Francisco, California, Ubisoft also showed a prototype for a blockchain supported game known as HashCraft. The application exhibited a novel way in-game contents can be stored and shared when making use of blockchain. HashCraft shares similarity with Minecraft largely for exploiting blockchain technology in storing the uniquely generated and customizable islands on which the game is set.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Ubisoft’s blockchain initiative associate manager, Anne Puck had stated that “everything around blockchain is worth investigating.” In its pledge to curb toxicity within the gaming community, the company put a new system into effect to sanction those given to using offensive languages.

The system will enforce an instant 27-minute ban on the first offense before going a tad further by handing a two-hour ban on the second and third offenses. Subsequent flouting of this rule will lead to the company opening an official investigation after which guilty individuals may be banned permanently.

Observers look forward to all stakeholders in the ecosystem leveraging the immense prospects of blockchain technology in the gaming community. Characters can be used in a series of games with interlinked environments, the value of in-game items can be greatly increased especially when it is possible to track them with distributed ledgers.

Furthermore, developers will have the prerogative to create rare items and proving their scarcity while also enjoying the opportunity to create special wallets for storing these assets to validate ownership and foster item/asset trades between games.

The attendant fees borne by users and merchants for in-game payment getaways and subscriptions can be mitigated with the use of distributed ledgers.

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