Uplift DAO Announces DEX Offering for Influencer Platform Chirpley

Uplift, the multi-award-winning crypto launchpad, announced that it is launching the initial DEX offering for Chirpley.
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Today Uplift, the multi-award-winning crypto launchpad, announced that it is launching the initial DEX offering for Chirpley, a new kind of influencer platform. In addition to the DEX offering, Uplift is using a unique offering structure that will refund investors’ money if the Chirpley token falls below the offering price.

The Chirpley IDO will be the first to use Uplift’s IDO Price Protection Promise (PPP), which makes it easier to feel secure in making an investment.

  • Sale Date: 22nd August
  • TGE date: 7th September

Uplift sees potential in Chirpley, which takes a new view of influencer marketing. At the moment, most influencer platforms focus on widely followed personalities, but Chirpley has a different view. It works with micro and nano level influencers, who have more credibility with the people who follow them.

Chirpley Changes Influencer Marketing

Chirpley addresses a number of issues in the influencer marketing space.

For one, Chirpley works with small scale influencers that have more credibility. Mega influencers may have loads of followers, but the people who follow them know their opinions are bought and paid for by big companies who can afford the costs.

Micro and nano influencers offer much lower rates, and higher levels of credibility to their clients. In addition, Chirpley boosts transparency for marketers, so there is less waste. Overall it is an exciting platform for everyone in the ecosystem.

In addition to transparency and credibility, smaller influences are more approachable in the online space. All in all the nano and micro influencer space is growing, and gives fans a lot more value than the totally commercialized mega influencer industry.

Credibility Means Conversions

The advantages that smaller influencers have is real.

A recent report showed that smaller influencers boast an engagement rate 60% higher than larger influencers, and a conversion rate that is 20% higher. In short, there is real value for marketers in the nano and micro influencer space, and Chirpley offers unique advantages.

Chirpley offers marketers end-to-end solutions that leverage AI to deliver an easy to use micro influencer solution. The pricing structure is fully transparent, and there is no negotiating over influencer fees.

According to a press release:

“With Chirpley’s automated pricing, brands pay a 10% handling fee out of their budget (with a 50% discount when using the Chirpley token as payment). The influencer also pays a 10% fee on the payout they receive. Of those fees, 20% is used to buy back and burn Chirpley tokens, with the remaining 80% fed back into the economy for marketing, development and user rewards.”

As the micro and nano level influencer industry expands, Chirpley is well placed to be a force in the space. Smaller influencers also gain from the platform, as they no longer have to deal with unprofessional offers, and will always maximize their earning potential.

Uplift is the Right Spot

Uplift is the perfect venue for Chirpley’s IDO, and with the Price Protection Promise, investors can buy Chirpley tokens with confidence.

Uplift’s Growth Lead Irina Berezina commented,

“We at Uplift are taking the steps necessary to ensure that our investor community feels safe and protected at every level, a reassuring measure in these uncertain times.”

Uplift operates on the Binance blockchain, which makes it inexpensive to use compared to other blockchains. It also has a track record of launching successful IDO, and supporting the companies it works with.

Uplift takes a holistic view of the launch process, and helps take companies through the entire lifecycle of the IDO. It works with top names in the VC space, and finds the right investors for the projects it launches.

For more information about how to participate in the Chirpley IDO, just click here to visit Uplift.

Important Note: There have been reports of scammers approaching companies via Telegram, LinkedIn and Other Social platforms purporting to represent Blockonomi and offer advertising offers. We will never approach anyone directly. Please always make contact with us via our contact page here.


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