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Uprose Finmart Multi-Asset Trading Platform & Decentralized Exchange Built On a Proprietary Algorithm Blockchain to Launch ICO

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The trading platform of the future Uprose Finmart is launching its ICO on February 5th, 2019 and holds in its fold an innovative smart blockchain based cross-asset trading platform for Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.  All traded safely and securely, with easy withdrawal options.


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The ability to buy gold with Bitcoin.  Or buy crude with ethereum. Or any number of other commodities on a multi-asset decentralized exchange platform powered by an innovative and unique Blockchain algorithm.  For many traders this sounds like a dream come true, but in a day this dream comes closer to reality with the ICO-launch backing the Uprose Finmart Exchange.  Developed with a trader’s deepest needs and wants in mind, Uprose Finmart plans on being a powerful, trendsetting force in the Blockchain world that drives positive change.  Based out of Estonia, and with seamless interpolation across cross-asset classes, the excitement surrounding the new platform is high.  The ICO launches February 5th, 2019 with an offering of $7 million and an initial token price of $0.075, for the Uprose token.

“We are on our way to creating history,” commented Yaqoob Jilani – Founding Chairman of Uprose Finmart OU. “Our offering will disruptively redefine the trading world.”

The Uprose Finmart White Paper can be seen here

The Uprose ecosystem promises safe and secure trading, multiple payment options, utility tokens, quick and quick withdrawal choices, and close-to-zero latency, as just some of the highlights of its features.


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