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Utopia – the new advanced encrypted instant messenger with built-in Crypton currency

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The team behind this magnificent communication channel, which has so many great features, is a dedicated group of specialists in the IT field. They wanted to come up with a tool for total anonymity and privacy protection to its users. It is an entirely new system away from surveillance and censorship, which we all need to face in our everyday internet users nowadays.

The new and exclusive Utopia brings many essential tools for communication, instant messenger, private browser, email, channels, and cryptocurrency, all in one user-friendly software.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

Top security and multiple apps – all in one software

Utopia is the first of its kind decentralized ecosystem which is built on a unique peer-to-peer network. Utopia P2P can’t fail in any circumstances. The Utopia P2P Network involves only the users, and the recipient can only do data decryption. It does not operate on any centralized third-party servers, which ensures the functionality at all times as all tools are available within the system. This advanced encryption uses AES256 and Curve25519 methods to encrypt everything by default.

Utopia combines many essential daily apps all in one software. Encrypted instant messenger allows you to send private messages as well as group chats. You can also send voice messages and share any files with no size limit. You can use email and be guaranteed that no one will collect any data on these apps.  The advanced encryption will store all data only on users’ own devices in an encrypted file container.


Crypton is the cryptocurrency of Utopia. uWallet is a separate app inside Utopia through which you will handle all your instant payments, and it’s 100% anonymous. It is very safe, and no one can manipulate or access your payment data. It works instantly and allows you to have complete freedom of your transactions. The best part is that you can be earning through mining by merely keeping the Utopia running on your device. You can even run Utopia mining bots on multiple devices at the same time, and that way multiply your earnings without affecting the speed of your computer.

Future software

Utopia is a perfect toolkit for everyone who values their privacy and anonymity. The dashboard is very user-friendly and easy to operate. uMessenger has excellent functionality. It offers choices of forms of communication, and conversations are organized very well. uMail has a simple layout in a classic email form, which makes it fast and straightforward to use. File transfers are quick and well performed. The image viewer offers all necessary tools for inspecting an image. uWallet and mining work correctly without interfering in the functionality of other features. The Utopia P2P Network offers a well-secured private browser, and its peer-to-peer network allows browsing anonymously. I was most impressed with how it offers a great variety of everything you need in your daily communication and how it can be done all in one place. There was also no freezing present or other problems that would have intervened with the system.

At the moment, Utopia is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The mobile apps are still under development but will be available in 2020. The Utopia is definitely a future software, and it will have an increasingly higher demand as we will become more aware of the eyes watching our actions online all the time. Privacy is becoming a significant concern, and Utopia is the only available software that can meet these challenges and offer us exclusive security and privacy. I don’t see myself going back to old unsecured software anymore. Try the exclusive Utopia, and I can guarantee you will not regret it.


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    Great news for a new year! Many of us were waiting for something really encrypted and secured. I’ve checked the soft and I’m surprised with a number of functions it offers. Together with that it works really fast even when mining is enabled. Waiting fora coin release though.

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    I’m waiting for the inner coin to be released. It’s said that it can be used inside for payments, but how can we know it’s value then? So many news about it and not a single word about it’s release.

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