Beginner’s Guide to Utrum: Blockchain Knowledge Platform for Cryptocurrency Investors

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Utrum is a decentralized platform that delivers curated, reputation-based reviews of cryptocurrency, analyses, and market predictions. The platform is geared toward those of all experience levels, whether you are new to cryptocurrency or an experienced investor. The Utrum ecosystem rewards participants via AI, member-elected trustees, and crowd wisdom, with the rewards issued in OOT tokens.

Uturm Guide

What Problems Does Utrum Resolve?

The team behind Utrum aims to resolve a few key issues with the cryptocurrency industry, including the fact that it is among the investment ecosystems with the highest risk. The specific problems Utrum helps resolve depends on which type of user you discuss.


Crypto investors face problems related to:

  • Figuring out the technology behind a project or crypto and whether it is sustainable,
  • If the project is legitimate so they can make money from the ICO,
  • The reputation of the project developers,
  • How to network with investors, and
  • Where to find professional advice they can trust.

Crypto novices lack information related to:

  • Where to begin,
  • How to learn if they are not tech savvy,
  • How people get large returns,
  • Where to find accurate and quality information, and
  • How to choose which ICOs to invest in.

Crypto developers currently need more ways to stay visible in the growing market, so their innovative products don’t get lost, without relying on the pay-for-play nature of crypto media.

Finally, crypto analysts currently suffer from:

  • A lack of incentives for research and analysis projects,
  • The lack of clear metrics for feedback and creating reports, and
  • No good place to share their findings.

How Does Utrum Resolve All Those Problems?

Through a series of features and a well-designed platform, Utrum can resolve all the above issues, helping everyone involved in the crypto world. Utrum provides a system that is cheat-resistant, robust, and secure at the same time. To help those of all levels, the platform has a comprehensive database with all crypto products and services, including details about the product, team, market, and news.

Experts and analysts can use the platform to share their advice and findings while members of all skill levels can ask questions to receive this professional advice in return. The analysts also provide investigations into information like background checks on the developers of ICOs and crypto projects. These analysts look at everything from the team members’ domains, social media pages, and search engine results.


Users of all experience levels on Utrum can leave reviews and ratings for various ICO, tokens, and cryptocurrencies, plus related services, helping guide the decisions of others. The platform even has a marketplace for buying and selling services related to crypto. Those who previously had no way of meeting others in the crypto world can take advantage of Utrum as a place for networking with crypto enthusiasts.

What Are Some Key Features of Utrum?

One of the most important characteristics of Utrum is that it is a decentralized platform based on the blockchain. Overall, the network provides users with crypto analyses, information, and reviews. The platform combines artificial intelligence with crowd wisdom from analysts to encourage smart investments. In addition to helping users improve the quality of their investments, Utrum rewards members with tokens for market predictions, analyses, and reviews.

What Kind of Information Can Users Get and Share on Utrum?

The types of information related to cryptocurrency that users can share or access on Utrum is seemingly unlimited. There are reviews and ratings from users for many products and services in the crypto world. These reviews include a combination of artificial intelligence and crowd wisdom. Experts offer educational, market, and technical crypto analyses. There is also a knowledge base that features videos and articles to help beginners learn quickly.

Utrum also offers a premium subscription for institutional investors and interested members. With this subscription, they can access in-depth market prediction and technical analysis of various ICOs and crypto projects.

How Do Users on Utrum Earn Rewards?

Utrum incentivizes participation in its ecosystem via token rewards. You can earn these rewards via OOT tokens for ratings and reviews if you are a regular member or contributor. Analysts who complete in-depth market and technical analysis also earn tokens for those analyses.


How Does Utrum Prevent Fraud?

One of the key features of Utrum is its “Trust Factor,” which is a machine learning reputation system that can learn results and rating patterns while the community grows. It will then use this information to spot and prevent any fraudulent practices.

What Should You Know about Earnings on Utrum?

Contributors who receive payouts will have them locked for two weeks prior to being released. The platform itself will earn income from the premium subscriptions, developers of ICOs and cryptos, and a 1 percent transaction fee on the Utrum Marketplace. The platform will also burn 15 percent of its monthly revenue to decrease inflation. Further protection inflation comes from the vesting reward of 0.834 percent.

What Does the Utrum Roadmap Look Like?

The team behind Utrum came up with the concept in September 2017. The team then finished gathering members in October 2017 and announced the project in December of that year. Utrum released its white paper in February 2018 and had the ICO token sale in May. The exchange listing took place in July.


The alpha release of the platform will be in Q4 2018 with the crypto database, news feed, and networking module. The beta release will be in Q1 2019 with the market predictions module, portfolio, and review module.


Utrum is a platform that aims to appeal to everyone interested in cryptocurrency investments. The platform offers a way for those of all crypto experience levels to interact. It includes information for beginners as well as crowd- and AI-driven advice for anyone from a beginner to an expert. Analysts can share their research in exchange for rewards and those who want to increase their investments in crypto can find information and suggestions as to which projects to join.

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